You Take Jesus, I’ll Take God
January 31, 2012

You Take Jesus, I’ll Take God: How To Refute Christian Missionaries. Samuel Levine. Los Angeles: Hamoroh Press, 1980. Overview As a Christian, it is difficult not to be offended by the presentation of Levine’s book. As a Jew, it is difficult not to be embarrassed by Levine’s lack of integrity. It’s not that his material […]

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No Joke!
February 1, 2011

When I saw the subject of the email, I actually thought it was a joke.  I had known the sender and, while we had not been in contact for years, it was unbelievable to me that he would seriously title his email, Can my Jewish son become a Christian?”  I would not want to embarrass […]

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The Gospel Bubble
August 1, 2009

Of the three Behold Your God Israel campaigns we’ve already completed, the opposition to our last one (May ’09) was the most violent we’ve experienced in Israel thus far. Our Jews for Jesus staff and volunteers were kicked and punched more in Rishon, Rehovot and Ramala, than we have been on previous campaigns. One missionary, […]

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Answering Jewish Objections to Jesus
October 1, 2005

Answering Jewish Objections to Jesus Three Volume Series By Dr. Michael L. Brown Baker Book House Michael L. Brown (Ph.D., Near Eastern Languages and Literature, New York University) is a Jewish believer in Jesus who has done both believers in Jesus and skeptics a service by producing three erudite, yet accessible books that more than […]

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The Jewish Messiahs: From the Galilee to Crown Heights.
January 1, 2002
Author: Scott Rubin

By Harris Lenowitz. New York: Oxford University Press, 1998. viii, 297 pages. Harris Lenowitz, professor of Hebrew at the University of Utah, has researched early accounts of so-called Jewish messiahs. His book is worth adding to the library of ministers or teachers though the average reader may find the scholarship burdensome. Lenowitz crowns his endeavor […]

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Paul’s Personality: Deceptive or Deferential?
January 1, 2000

Paul has been charged with deceit as he proclaimed the message of Yeshua. In 1 Corinthians 9:20-22, he wrote: To the Jews I became as a Jew, that I might win Jews; to those who are under the law, as under the law, that I might win those who are under the law; to those […]

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Was Paul a Deceiver?

The popular myth that Paul was deceptive is expressed by writers such as Gerald Sigal, Michoel Drazin, and Beth Moshe: In his overriding desire to convert the masses to his beliefs, Paul is guided by the dubious assumption that the end justifies the means…The use of deception, by himself or others, in order to bring […]

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Yeshua Ben David: Why Do the Jewish People Reject Jesus As Their Messiah?
March 1, 1996

Walter Riggans. Crowborough, England: MARC/The Olive Press, 1995. 428 pages. รบ10.99 [British sterling], paper. Readers of Walter Riggans’ previous books, Jesus Ben Joseph and The Covenant With the Jews, will, at first glance, be surprised by the sheer size of this new volume. Its weighty appearance alone gives the impression that this is likely to […]

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When Opposition Knocks
July 1, 1992
Author: Rich Robinson

We need to think about opposition to the gospel. Though there is diversity within the messianic movement, we are united and can express our unity. We need to do things together. Facing our opposition can be a very positive thing if we are willing to look, learn and be led together by our Messiah. Efforts […]

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I’ll Keep Both (review of You Take Jesus, I’ll Take God)
May 1, 1988

You Take Jesus, I’ll Take God: How to Refute Christian Missionaries by Samuel Levine (Los Angeles: Hamorah Press, 1980). There is something very tragic behind this book. Samuel Levine has purposed to prevent others from becoming followers of Jesus in such a manipulative and hostile manner that the book seems to be one gigantic axe […]

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Anti-Missionary Mischief
February 1, 1987
Author: Mitch Glaser

Received any harassing letters lately telling why you should reject faith in Jesus? The Jews for Jesus staff have been receiving unwanted and unwelcome mail. Some letters and literature are to annoy us, other communications are designed to dissuade us from our faith. Perhaps you won’t be bothered with such mail, but it’s good to […]

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Like a Lamb to the Slaughter
June 1, 1986
Author: Larry Brandt

Stuart is a new Jewish believer in Jesus. He lives not too far from New York City. Like most new believers, he’s eager to share his faith, especially when an opportunity comes along to witness to one of his own Jewish people. When Stuart had a chance to talk to an Orthodox rabbi, he naturally […]

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