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Answers Project
July 1, 2011

To find the answers we are seeking, we must be willing to be dissatisfied. We must have even the tiniest bit of courage, and be open to conversation. So let’s get the conversation started. Get more answers:

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About Our Project

The Answers Project grew out of the inherent truth that we all doubt. We all have questions we want answered. From the very first breath we take on this earth, we are curious, adventurous, seeking. But as we get older, the recklessness with which we previously launched ourselves into the unknown is quickly tamed and […]

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A Man Answers Questions on the Street

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A question is a question when a person really wants to know an answer, right? Some people throw up questions like roadblocks and they probably won’t like what’s at the other end of these links. But if you are one of the people who are genuinely curious about how Jewish people can believe in Jesus, […]

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