A Message From Moishe About Anger
August 1, 1997
Topics: anger
Author: Moishe Rosen

I haven’t encountered many angry Christians lately—and that fact does not give me a lot of comfort. Martin Luther, John Calvin, Charles Wesley, and virtually all of the reformers had a sharp edge and we can detect anger to this day in their writings. The prophets and even the psalmist knew and showed anger. I’m…

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Who’s Angry at Who?
September 1, 1992
Author: Rich Robinson

Steve was a good accountant, but it was hard to sit in front of a video display screen all day with nothing but numbers before his eyes. One day, when he was particularly tense and squinting, Steve stood up to take a break. He walked over to the water cooler—which was almost empty—and he tilted…

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Why Are You So Angry?
May 3, 1988

My father was a first generation North American. He grew up in Canada in a home heavily accented with the culture and customs of Eastern Europe, and a Jewry which was quickly shedding the religious orthodoxy of the Old World. He certainly didn’t believe in Jesus, but the way he spoke that name almost daily…

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