Similarities Between the Angel of the Lord and Yeshua

There are people who think that the angel of the Lord is Yeshua (Jesus) before he became a man. While the Scriptures do not say this explicitly, there are some remarkable likenesses between the angel and Yeshua. Attribute Angel of the Lord Yeshua Is seen as God Genesis 16:10,13 Moreover, the angel of the LORD […]

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Have You Been Touched by an Angel?
Author: Scott Rubin

The role of angelic beings in relation to human beings.

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Hollywood: The City of Lost Angels

The American film industry has always had difficulty portraying a truly biblical picture of angels and what they do. The recent flood of spiritual offerings don’t improve Tinsel Town’s track record. In the past, angels were portrayed as somewhat benign characters who would intervene in the life of a hapless character who was either about […]

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An Angel You Ought to Know
Author: Loren Jacobs

The modern mind cannot conceive of angelic beings. This is due in part to medieval art and literature, which relegate belief in angels to the realm of superstition. Or perhaps we like to try to explain away that which makes us uncomfortable. Indeed, there are those who would even dismiss the belief in God as […]

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Why Doesn’t the Messiah Come?

Once there was a poor man who, may God spare us all a like fate, did not have a groschen to his soul. Nevertheless, he sat night and day studying Torah with pure intention, as God has bidden. One Friday morning, when his wife discovered that they did not have the wherewithal to buy the […]

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