Caleb Goldberg

Caleb Goldberg New York


Caleb Goldberg serves on the children and youth ministry team in New York City and is the director of Camp Gilgal East. Throughout the year, Caleb plans events for Jewish-believing families, ministers through bar/bat mitzvah training, and engages with teens and camp alumni through group and one-on-one Bible studies.

Caleb grew up in a ministry family where he was taught to embrace Yeshua and his identity as a multiethnic Jew. While he came to faith in Yeshua at a young age, it wasn’t until his time at Southeastern University that Caleb chose to seek Him wholeheartedly. After earning his bachelor’s in organizational leadership and a minor in youth ministry, Caleb moved to New York City to work with Jews for Jesus.

Caleb’s passion is to minister to Jewish-believing children and teens in a variety of settings, including Camp Gilgal, which he first attended at 10 years old. He seeks to create an environment where children, teens, and families can encounter the love of Yeshua in tangible ways.