Valery Bolotov | Tel Aviv


Valeriy grew up in a small mining town in the USSR (now Ukraine). The Citizens of the town knew him as an ill-behaved and quite unpredictable person. He had burnt many bridges even with his family. During a time of prayer in a small Evangelic community, where he thought he had come by chance, Valeriy suddenly saw the Calvary and crucified Jesus Christ. The eyes of the Lord were full of suffering and endless love. He decided then to follow Jesus and to turn away from the life he had lived before. He began serving in church, hosting a home group, and reading the Bible at the mine where he worked. Valeriy also had a longing to know about the Jewish roots of his faith, which eventually led him to Jews for Jesus and his heart to share the Gospel. He became a missionary in 1999, and met his wife Tatiana at a Shabbat meeting two years later. In 2015, they moved to Israel where Valeriy continues to serve as the leader of the Russian-Speaking General Missionary Team.