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Susan Perlman is one of the co-founders of Jews for Jesus. Susan is the associate executive director of Jews for Jesus and also director of communications for the organization. She also serves as the editor in chief of ISSUES, their evangelistic publication for Jewish seekers. She left a career track in New York City to help launch Jews for Jesus in San Francisco in the early 1970s. See more here.

Message from Susan

Please pray for Jews for Jesus workers around the world who are in harms way with branches in places like Paris, Israel and the Former Soviet Union. We need God’s watchful eye more than ever.


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A Dream Shared
From Loss to Life


Susan Perlman had a “typical” Jewish upbringing in Brooklyn, New York, yet her life as one of the founders of Jews for Jesus has been anything but typical. Susan came to believe in Jesus after a street encounter with Christian rock singer Larry Norman. You can order her story here. Soon after coming to faith, Susan moved to San Francisco. There her experience as an advertising copywriter and social activist helped shaped Jews for Jesus into the agency that changed the face of Jewish evangelism—making the Messiahship of Jesus an unavoidable issue to Jewish people worldwide. She helped write (and acted in) the ministry’s dramatic presentations, authored numerous broadside tracts, and has been in charge of our media relations since the very beginning. She also created (and still serves as editor in chief) ISSUES our publication for Jewish people who are willing to explore issues from the perspective of Jews who believe in Jesus.Susan’s travels with Jews for Jesus have brought her into contact with many other missions agencies and various Christian organizations with whom she has served on committees and boards. In addition to the many articles she has written for Jews for Jesus, she’s enjoyed opportunities to speak, write and contribute editing skills for numerous other groups and publications. Take a look at her photo gallery which includes a pic of her addressing 30,000 young people in a football stadium in Dresden, Germany about forgiveness and new life in Messiah through a translated message. You can also see here some things she wrote recently— the foreword in one book and a chapter for a book about A.W. Tozer.Among the many hats that she wears, Susan is the first assistant to the Executive Director of Jews for Jesus and oversees our communications. She has led many evangelistic outreaches over the years, and is excited to have a part in mentoring a new generation of Jews for Jesus leaders. Susan’s thoughts on this new generation can be heard as one of many voices in our documentary, “Awakening.” See the trailer here.


Susan Perlman is one of the co-founders of Jews for Jesus. Susan is the associate executive director of Jews for Jesus and also director of communications for the organization. She also serves as the editor in chief of ISSUES, their evangelistic publication for Jewish seekers. She left a career track in New York City to help launch Jews for Jesus in San Francisco in the early 1970s. Jews for Jesus is a missions organization on the forefront of Jewish evangelism. The ministry is reaching Jewish people for their Messiah in 14 countries and 26 cities.

Press Release


Susan Perlman of Jews for Jesus will speak at (NAME OF CHURCH) on (DATE) at (TIME). (PASTOR’S NAME) invites all to attend. Perlman is the Communications Director of the Jews for Jesus organization, as well as the Associate Executive Director. Jews for Jesus uses creative methods and contemporary issues to present the message that Jesus is the Messiah to Jewish people around the world.

Perlman was born and raised in a “somewhat” Orthodox home in Brooklyn, New York. Like many of her contemporaries, she involved herself in the social and political causes of the late ‘60s and early ‘70s: “I was concerned about the issues of the day, and as a communications major in college, I felt that people had to be informed, instructed and inspired to change the world for the better. Yet I was unchanged myself until I encountered the Messiah.”

Not long after that encounter, Perlman heard of a loosely-formed movement of Jews like herself who believed in Y’shua (Jesus). She moved to San Francisco and became one of the founders of the Jews for Jesus organization. Perlman has had a substantial part in shaping the communications techniques that have made Jews for Jesus the largest Jewish evangelism agency in the world. She co-founded and wrote much of the material for the New Jerusalem Players, the first Jewish gospel drama team to tour the United States. Perlman has also written many of the popular Jews for Jesus gospel broadside tracts, including: “Jews Should Believe in Jesus, Not . . . ,” and “If Jesus is the Messiah, Why?”

Perlman is editor-in-chief of ISSUES, an evangelistic magazine with a circulation of 40,000. “It has always been a challenge for us to write material that explains the messiahship of Y’shua in a way which our own families can read and understand,” says Perlman. “ISSUES does just that. Since ISSUES began in 1977, the circulation has steadily increased, an indication that more and more Jewish people are thinking about Jesus.”

Perlman serves on the executive board of MissioNexus, the premier umbrella network for North American mission organizations. She is also on the Board of Regents of Dallas Theological Seminary and has been a key player in the Lausanne Consultation on Jewish Evangelism, as one of its founding members. However, she continues to involve herself in direct evangelism, noting that “our organizational mission statement is my own—to make the Messiahship of Jesus an unavoidable issue to our Jewish people worldwide!”

Jews for Jesus was founded in 1973 by Moishe Rosen, who revolutionized Jewish evangelism with his creative approach. Rosen died in May 2010. David Brickner, a fifth-generation Jewish believer in Jesus, has been the organization’s executive director since 1996. Brickner has kept Jews for Jesus on the cutting edge as the ministry has expanded and established branches in fourteen countries, including the United States, Israel, Russia, France, and South Africa.

To Susan Perlman and other Jews for Jesus staff, the objective evidence of the Hebrew Bible and the New Testament, and the transformation in their our own lives provide ample evidence that Jesus was who he claimed to be—the Jewish Messiah.Perlman will be happy to answer questions after the presentation. Call (CHURCH PHONE NUMBER) for more information. There is no admission charge.

She wasn’t born in Vaysechvoos…

…she just lives there most of the time.

Read Vaysechvoos articles here.


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