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Here’s where we let you know what’s happened regarding people and places we’ve asked you to pray about previously, including the LCJE meeting in Hungary.

Moishe Rosen
We’ve asked you several times to be praying for Moishe’s health. In particular, we’ve asked prayer for a good response to the treatments he’s receiving for prostate cancer. His PSA level dropped radically with the first treatment, significantly with the second, then seemed to plateau. Doctors were thinking about changing treatments. However, he had another treatment last week and we saw the PSA drop again. It is still not where it needs to be, but pray that it continues to drop.

Also, Moishe recently had to undergo surgery for a strep infection in his knee, which involved removing the prosthesis from one of his replacement surgeries. He now has a spacer” in his knee, as opposed to a metal appliance, and is continuing to get antibiotics via home infusions. If he can strengthen his muscles enough, there’s a chance that he can get by with the spacer and not have to risk another surgery to replace the prosthesis. Please keep this in prayer.

Lausanne Consultation on Jewish Evangelism (LCJE)

David Brickner addressing
the LCJE in Hungary

Tuvya Zaretsky, our Director of Staff Development reports, “The eighth international conference of the LCJE met next to Lake Balaton, Hungary from August 19-24. I appreciated knowing that so many friends were praying for our time together. One of my duties was to produce a Conference Statement on behalf of the international network. It was unanimously adopted on the last day and is being distributed now. You can see a copy of it here along with a press release about the conference. I was also elected to serve for another four-year term as president of the LCJE. Thanks for praying.

“On a personal note, my family accompanied me for the conference. On the Saturday after the meetings at Lake Balaton, we traveled to Budapest for a day of sightseeing.

“One destination was to the see the Buda Castle on the hill overlooking Budapest. As we hiked up to the plaza, we saw a crowd: some people had red and white striped flags and others carried the Hungarian flag. There was live music, banners and microphones prepared for speakers.

“I asked one of the many Hungarian police on hand if he could tell me what was happening. Almost casually, he informed me that the ‘Nazis’ were holding a political rally. Stunned, I asked him to repeat himself, just to make sure that I heard it correctly. Yup, the Nationalist party, known as Magyar Garda, was staging a political rally to induct 56 new members into their ranks. They were protesting the Hungarian move into the European Union and denouncing ‘foreigners’ who were ruining their country. You can read more about the rally from an article in a German paper at,1518,502184,00.html

“Our son Jesse was wearing his Camp Gilgal T-shirt that bears the Jews for Jesus logo and a Star of David, and we had no desire to be there once the rally got revved up.

“It made me think about the relevance of our LCJE Conference Statement, which calls on Christians to stand against the anti-Semitism in Europe—anti-Semitism that had just been graphically illustrated for us. Please pray for the wide distribution of the Conference Statement. It has already been translated into Danish and German with more versions to follow. Perhaps you know some people who should see it, too.”

Camp Gilgal

Teen Camp,
Camp Gilgal West, 2007
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Thank you for praying for our Camp Gilgal programs this summer. We’ve been running these camps since 1991 to raise up new generations of Jewish believers in Messiah. Nine sessions were held in New York, Indiana, Wisconsin, California and Germany. Here’s one group of campers from the West Coast teen camp. Please pray that God will continue to reveal His will to this gifted and talented group of young people.

Last month we requested prayer for the Camp Gilgal Adventure campers who were in a serious accident on the way home. The young woman who was most seriously injured was not be able to begin her freshman year of college this month as originally planned, but thankfully her spot and her scholarship are being held until the spring semester. Please pray for her, and for others who are still in the healing process, as well as their families and friends.


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