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Remember last month when we asked you to pray for fruit from our Sukkot campus outreach? Our leadership Council was meeting at San Francisco headquarters and we brought a “gratitude challenge” for Sukkot to the campuses at City College, San Francisco State and Berkeley.

That day, Laura Barron (pictured in the JFJ hoodie) met a student named Kevin* at San Francisco State University, who was open to meeting with one of our staff.  San Francisco branch leader Rob Wertheim contacted him and they met about two weeks later.

Rob says, “Kevin is 26 years old and only recently discovered from his mother that she’s Jewish.  It wasn’t something that was discussed, and perhaps that’s because of his German ancestry.  Anyway, Kevin grew up going to a Lutheran church in Pennsylvania.  During our first visit, I asked if he had a relationship with God. He said, ‘Yes!’  so I asked him to describe what that looks like.  He wasn’t able to, so I mentioned that we can know who someone is, but that doesn’t necessarily mean we have a relationship with them.  He understood.

“The next time we met, Kevin told me he’d been thinking about our last conversation.  ‘And,’ he announced, ‘I want to!’  I asked what he meant.  He replied, ‘I want to have a relationship with the Lord.’  Following this, he surrendered his life to Yeshua!”

Please pray for Kevin to grow quickly in his faith and for Rob as he continues to meet with him.

*not his real name


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