Stories from Behold Your God Buenos Aires

Claudia reports, The buzz in Buenos Aires is Jews for Jesus! We have covered the city, our broadsides have been a hit and so have our t-shirts. I was doing a morning sortie (tract-passing expedition) outside one of the subway stations and waves of people were coming down the stairs on their way to work, but they began to stand in line to get a broadside before leaving the area!

A man came up to me during another sortie in the same area and told me that our presence has had a huge impact on the city, that everyone was talking about us. (This is the commercial area of the city where a lot of the Jewish people live and own stores.) You can stand anywhere on the streets of Buenos Aires in colors (Jews for Jesus T-shirt) and people come up to you and ask what Jews for Jesus is all about.”

Corrie reports, “I was at the subway entrance going about my business handing out broadsides as fast as I could because of the crowds. I pray as I hand out tracts that the words of the gospel will reach the takers. I didn’t realize until later that a TV film crew had been filming me for a good 20 minutes and had put it out on the morning news right away. An hour went by and I continued to hand out broadsides when a man came up to me and said, ‘You’re famous. I just saw you on TV. I have to have a tract to see what all of this is about.’ Four more people came and said the same thing. As it turned out, the film clip went on the air throughout the city of 12 million people so we got free media exposure for our campaign!”

Carolyne reports, “It was my day off but I was in colors anyway. I was chatting with a painter at an art fair in a local park—admiring his work (and negotiating a price for a painting)—when a man came up behind me and tapped me on the shoulder. He pointed his finger at the back of my T-shirt. ‘What’s all this?’ he asked. I turned around and explained who we are and what we believe in. ‘So you believe that Jesus is the Messiah?’ I said yes. ‘Interesting,’ he said. I noticed that he was having difficulty with Spanish so I asked him what language he spoke. He said Portuguese. He lives in Brazil, where we have a branch, and he is Jewish. I asked if he would like our missionary in Brazil to call and he gave me his information and said he would be glad to talk to him.”

Alicia reports, “Sara, an elderly Jewish woman, told me that her father was a Hebrew professor and that she was named after her bubbe (grandmother). I asked about Jesus and Sara agreed that it was possible that He died for her sins and rose again from the dead. When I asked if she would want to receive Yeshua, (Jesus) the Jewish Messiah, into her heart, she prayed with me. Then I asked her to go to my co-worker Ademir to tell him what she had done. Sara explained to him, “I always believed in Jesus but now I did the ceremony!” Sara is excited about meeting with other Jewish believers.”

“‘Liar, liar!’ Germana shouted at me (Alicia), while people were passing by. She wasn’t contesting the gospel but she didn’t believe that I could be an American who came to Argentina to preach on the streets. I told her to listen to me for a few seconds and then she would hear my accent and know that I wasn’t Argentinean. ‘Are you REALLY from the US?’ she asked, clearly amazed that I was. ‘Then, what are you doing in this %#@&& place?’ she asked in English. That is how the conversation started. How it ended, only God would have foreseen. Germana turned over her life and her mountain of problems to the Lord. She gave me a hug before leaving. Sometimes, we get a chance to love people past their brash angry exterior and reach the needy heart within.”

Marcia reports, “An older Jewish couple approached me, and the husband asked what the pamphlet was about. I told him, ‘It’s about the Messiah, the Son of God.’ His wife was eager to listen and hear more about the Messiah, but her husband kept pulling her away. Before they left, the wife gave me a huge hug. Please pray for God to keep working in this couple’s hearts.”

Elizangela reports, “I encountered a man who seemed to be grieving. Sadness was all over his face. In speaking to him I learned that he was sad because the woman he loves had left him. I shared the Good News and he received the Gift of eternal life in his heart. He said he knows now that he is not alone anymore.”


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