Thank You For Praying

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In Tel Aviv . . .

We handed out 131,725 gospel broadsides.

Some people read our broadsides on their own . . .

Others read them with friends.

Many people stopped to talk . . .

And more than 2,000 gave their contact information to hear more.

Please pray as we continue reaching out to the people of Tel Aviv!

Your prayers mean so much to us, and especially to all those involved in our Behold Your God Israel campaign last month. Twenty-two campaigners handed out 131,725 broadsides, and received contact information for 2,250 Israelis willing to hear more about Jesus. They also attempted to call 37,699 Israelis from the phone book, completed 13,285 calls and received contact information for 956 more people willing to receive further information about Jesus. Thirty people prayed to receive Jesus so far (that includes the campaign itself, as well as people we’ve been following up since the campaign). Also as a result of our campaign, Dan Sered, leader of our Israel work, who headed the Behold Your God campaign received a major media opportunity on a well-known Israeli morning news show.

David Brickner will be mailing out a special report on this campaign, but for now, here are a few more stories and photos from Behold Your God Israel for you to enjoy.

Amer and Sarah met two different people who both said they love talking with Jews who are for Jesus because “their eyes light up” when they talk about the Scriptures or God, and they are “so very friendly.”

Sarah was encouraged when, in the course of one day, she and her team leader encountered six people who responded to their message by asking “What do I need to do?” While these people were not ready to surrender their lives to Jesus, they were obviously spiritually hungry. One man, Simon, told Sarah how much he liked talking to the Jews for Jesus because of the peace that he felt coming from us. He also said that he is confused by the different arguments for and against Yeshua. Sarah challenged him to pray and ask God to show him the truth about Yeshua.

Marta asked a young man if he had heard of Yeshua. He told her how, a few years ago, he’d gone to a bus shelter seeking cover from the rain. He found a New Testament there, took it home, but never read it. In the couple of weeks before meeting Marta, he had received several of our broadsides. When she asked him about Yeshua, he believed their meeting was from God, and said that he’ll begin reading the New Testament.

The leaders of one congregation of Israeli believers in Tel Aviv were excited to see our full-page gospel ad in one of Israel’s national newspapers, “Ma’ariv.” They held up the ad for people to see during their worship service on Saturday and praised God for allowing the evangelistic breakthrough. In another congregation, the leaders talked about the ad as something that will provide opportunities for conversation with friends and neighbors. Pray that not only the ad, but the entire campaign, will provide ongoing opportunities for the local believers in Yeshua to share Jesus with unbelieving friends.

Yarden saw an Orthodox man with a broadside in his hand, and he seemed intent on throwing it into the garbage. However, as she watched, he opened it and read for a moment. He then looked around and quickly slipped the broadside into his backpack before walking away.

Tsachi met a man who started to quote the Bible to him. The man explained that he’s read the New Testament, but did not believe in Jesus. By the end of the conversation, he gave his full contact information and said he would welcome a visit with one of our staff. As soon as the conversation ended another man told Tsachi that he, too, wanted a visit to hear more.

Amer spoke with an Israeli woman, Noam, by phone. Noam gave her mailing address for further information for follow-up, and was so open that she almost prayed to receive the Lord. However, she was managing a store and had some customers. Please pray for her salvation, and our continued ministry to her.

Oded reached an elderly woman while calling and, when he offered to send her more information, she said, “I can’t read, I don’t know how and my husband just died.” She was close to tears. Oded offered to pray with her right then to experience God’s comfort and peace, and she gladly received the prayer. He asked if we should send someone to come pray with her and read her the information and she was open to having someone come to visit.


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