Summer Campaign Training 2012

Shana: “On Michigan Avenue I asked a young woman named Shantal if she knew who Jesus was. She said yes, but as we talked it became clear that she had not yet surrendered her heart to Him. I asked her if there was any reason she shouldn’t right now. She said no, and she prayed with me to receive Jesus as her Savior right there on the street. She was so excited and her eyes said it all.”

Rachel: “Today I met a rabbi who saw my ‘Jesus Made Me Kosher’ T-shirt and stopped to tell me that he knew Jhan Moskowitz! (Jhan is our North American Director.) After I asked him who he thought Jesus was, he stated he believed Him to be a rabbi. I proceeded to share the gospel with him. I discovered he had read the New Testament as well as many other religious texts, such as the Koran and some Hindu texts. He talked quickly, and as difficult as it was to get a word in edgewise, he did stop for a moment when I questioned how on Yom Kippur he could atone for his sins when the Scriptures say in Leviticus 17:11 that blood sacrifice is required. He gave me his contact info before he left.”

Chanah: “A man walked up to me and asked me if I knew any Hebrew. Hoping I wasn’t about to enter into a Hebrew school oral test, I said yes, and immediately he demanded that I translate the Sh’ma (probably the most well-known portion of Hebrew liturgy/scripture, taken from Deuteronomy 6:4). I quickly did so, silently thanking God for giving me an ‘easy’ question!

“Then I asked who he thought Jesus was. He answered, ‘A good Jewish boy … and a rabbi. He was a rabbi.’ I replied, ‘Absolutely, He was. But He also claimed to be the Messiah. Do you believe that He was?’ He took a step back, then turned and started to walk away. Then he stopped and said, ‘No. The Messiah will bring world peace. The Messiah has yet to come.’ I walked with him, and he sped up a notch. I said, ‘Well, what about passages like Isaiah 53, that speak of the Messiah suffering and dying?’ He started to quote Psalm 23, then abruptly cut off and ran away. Please pray for him!”

Claudia: “I was going out on my first sortie (tract-passing expedition) ever, and I was very nervous! I didn’t know what I was getting myself into or what I would say to people. I was on the corner with the broadsides in my hands and probably a scared expression on my face. About five minutes into handing out the broadsides, a random guy came up to me, yelling, ‘I hate Jesus, I hate Jews, and I especially hate Jews for Jesus!’

“I was too shocked to say anything, and I wanted to cry. I was so saddened for him. But then, ten minutes later, a man came up to me and tapped me on the shoulder. He wanted a broadside, and he said, ‘I’ve been looking for Jesus.’ Astounded—and relieved—I gave him one. He smiled and said, ‘Thanks. I think I’ve finally found Him.'”

Chantale: “I met a young Jewish man named Jonathan. I asked the famous question, ‘What do you think about Jesus?’ ‘He was a good rabbi,’ he said. I gave him the gospel and he was really open. He said that he wanted to read the Bible. Please pray that the Lord reveals Himself to Jonathan.”

Sarah D: “Here’s a conversation I had with an elderly Jewish man:

Man: You should be ashamed of yourself!

Me: Why?

Man: I could go on all day!

Me: I’ll give you five minutes!

Man: There’s too much tsuris [trouble] in this world!

Me: Exactly. That’s why we need Jesus!”


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