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We greatly appreciate your prayers to help us lift up the name of Jesus during the Christmas and New Year Season. Below you can read some follow up from past prayer requests, from the Rose Bowl outreach in Los Angeles, to the Living Waters outreach in South Africa.

Rose Bowl

Stan Meyer reports, The Los Angeles branch of Jews for Jesus conducted our New Year’s outreach from Dec 31-Jan 2. During that time we distributed 45,775 broadsides and received the names of 17 people interested in more information, including three Jewish inquirers. Over the course of three days we were joined by 54 volunteers. God really watched over us; we had a good rapport with the police, no injuries, problems or incidents.

“Matt Friedman, our youth worker, brought along seven teenagers, many of whom had never gone out to share their faith before. Three pastors drove in from out of town bringing eager volunteers, some of whom had never been on a short-term missions project.

“Since Christmas Day, Colorado Blvd. in Pasadena had been hopping with activity as city workers built bleachers and volunteers from across the Southland decorated exotic floats. We took trainees out on December 31st to distribute tracts to the crowds who came to build the floats, as well as those who came to watch as floats were built. Then at 5:00 AM on January 1, Jews for Jesus staff and volunteers positioned ourselves along the five-mile stretch of Colorado Blvd. to begin greeting spectators and distributing tracts. After the parade passed, one team traveled to the Pasadena Rose Bowl where USC and U of I fans were already arriving. Our other team went to Victory Park where thousands of spectators flocked to view the floats up close.

“We had the opportunity to speak face-to-face with hundreds of visitors from across the United States, some open, some closed, and some who had never heard that a Jewish person can believe in Jesus and still be Jewish.

“Cyril, who coordinated the outreach reported: ‘Michele, an inquirer, was very excited to see us at the post-parade float viewing. She’s been attracted to the Person of Jesus but never thought believing in Him was an option because she is Jewish. She came directly to me because she thought I “looked the most Jewish.” Michele has agreed to meet with one of our missionaries.'”

If you live in the Los Angeles area and would like information or news on how you can join Jews for Jesus for future outreaches, call Stan Meyer at (310) 443-9553, or email him

San Francisco

Rob Wertheim reports, “Our San Francisco Branch is small (myself and one other missionary), and I wondered how we would have much of a public story on the streets this Christmas season. God blessed our branch in several ways. During the International Council Meeting, our senior staff from all over the world took a break from deliberations to go out on a sortie (tract-passing expedition). They distributed over 6,400 broadsides and returned with the contact information of eight Jewish seekers! Two of our headquarters departments assisted as well, handing out 4500 broadsides the week before Christmas. David Abramsky participated in one of those sorties and had the opportunity to witness to a Jewish skeptic who introduced himself as Jay Sekulow’s cousin. (Jay is a well known Jewish believing attorney who used to serve on our Board and whose story is on our website.) But the icing on the cake was the youth group from St. John’s Episcopal Church from Petaluma. They have come faithfully to help us during the Christmas season for the last 14 years. Over the course of four sorties their 12-member team distributed 14,525 broadsides! Praise the Lord for His gracious provision!”

New Year’s in New York

Melissa Moskowitz and Sara Friedman led this YAM (Young Adult Ministry) event, which included 14 full time and four part time participants. The idea was for young Jewish believers in Jesus to spend New Year’s together, enjoying one another’s company, seeking the Lord and doing some evangelism. The group went out to hand out tracts on three occasions, and distributed a total of 10,000 gospel broadsides. They studied Scripture, prayed and worshiped together, and one of the students coordinated a team to make an evangelistic window display for our building on 31st Street in Manhattan (which was home base for the group.)

Cape Town “Living Water” Outreach

The team handed out just under 10,000 broadsides (9,920) and received contact information from five Jewish and 48 Gentile seekers. Ten people (not Jewish) prayed to receive Jesus. As part of the outreach, we had a public showing of our DVD “Survivors Stories” which was attended by 190 people.

Some highlights of the outreach follow, and you can view photos here.

Haddasah reports, “I was very encouraged when I met Tristan, an 18-year-old woman at Camps Bay on December 27. When I started talking about Jesus, she looked at me with amazement and asked whether I was from God. Her eyes shone as she told me that the previous night she had dreamed that she was surrounded by evil, and ‘someone’ appeared and told her to leave the evil and follow after Him. She asked many questions about Jesus and was very eager to pray the sinner’s prayer.

“At Sea Point, a Jewish man, Roy, approached and asked whether I was Jewish. When I told him I was a Gentile who loved the Jewish people, he said he was very interested in knowing more about Jesus and that he would never forget what his mother once told him. One day, out of the blue she said, ‘Jesus must have been the greatest man who ever lived!’ Roy has been seeking to know more about Jesus and has begun reading the Old and the New Testament. He showed me a book that he had bought in a secondhand shop, called ‘An Ordinary Day with Jesus.’ It contained simple daily readings on how to handle everyday matters as a believer in Jesus. When I gave him the Gospel of John, the Living Waters booklet, he was delighted. He did not, however, wish to give his address as he said he didn’t want to be overwhelmed. Please pray for Roy.”

Teresa reports, “We were handing out bottled water on Camps Bay Beach on New Year’s day. I was manning the stall, while the other campaigners carried bottles of water to sun bathers on the beach, with the goal of engaging them with the pivotal question: ‘Who do you think Jesus is?’

“A young Jewish man approached our stall and asked if we were hoping to convert Jewish people. I explained that our purpose was to proclaim that Jesus is the Jewish Messiah. Robert told me that he was a recovering addict and how, for many years, he has tried to fill a gaping void in his life with substances, tattoos and many other things, none of which ever made him feel complete. I shared with him about how Yeshua filled the void in my life, emphasizing that the most important thing that Yeshua did for me was remove my sins. I briefly related the story of the Samaritan woman at the well and her encounter with Yeshua. This woman knew what it was like to be spiritually thirsty. Her personal life was a mess and she knew that she was lacking. Yeshua shared with her that he was the promised Messiah and that he could quench her spiritual thirst. Robert said that he would like to find out more. He was willing to give me his contact details and gladly accepted the book of John from the New Testament. Please pray for his salvation.”


Avi Snyder reports, “As a result of the mini-outreach that we conducted in Warsaw, Poland last September, I’ve been invited to speak at a Christian conference for prayer and support of Israel, to be held in the Polish city of Poznan in a few days (January 18-20). Please pray that I might win the hearts of many Polish Christians to pray for the salvation of our people and take part in any future outreaches we might plan in that country.

Secular Media Campaign

We asked you to pray for those who would see the “Good News and Bad News for the Holidays” gospel ad that we placed in major newspapers across the country. We have not yet tabulated how many people responded, but we thought you would enjoy the following.

Our branch missionaries follow up on Jewish seekers and our minister-at-large contacts those who live in areas where we don’t have a branch, or else refers them to Jewish believers we know in the area. Last week, Rob Wertheim, leader of our San Francisco branch, was delighted to find that Faina, a Jewish seeker, had seen our ad and was eager to meet with one of us. When they spoke on the phone, he learned that she had been on a spiritual search for years. Her interest in Jesus had prompted her to visit our website, and she had even ordered our workbook “Following Yeshua,” not realizing that it was a discipleship guide for Jewish people who have received Jesus as Messiah and Lord. Faina and Rob met over the weekend and she finally took that step of faith. She prayed with Rob, asking God to forgive her sins in Jesus’ name, and is now ready to dust off the discipleship guide and begin going through it with Rob. Praise the Lord!

We also receive many responses from non-Jews, and those go to our church relations department, where various agents contact churches and ask them to follow up. One of our agents recognized a responder’s email address as being affiliated with a school. She therefore decided to contact Campus Crusade for Christ and ask if they would like to follow up. The head of the local CCC said they would be delighted to follow up anyone we refer to them, but he was even more delighted when he heard the person’s name. It turns out the man works at a local paper and had set out to write an “expose” of CCC. In the course of the interviews, they had some interesting spiritual discussions. So the CCC staff was glad to have a reason to be back in touch with the man to discuss the gospel further.


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