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We asked you to pray for our Passover tours and extra ministry taking place around this holiday.  While we have yet to receive reports on this week’s Passover banquets, we did want to report the following news regarding Passover evangelism:

From the Road:

It’s always great when churches make use of their signage to publicize our presentations, but not too many have a marquee like this church in Morris, Illinois.

Bruce Rapp (leader of Jews for Jesus Phoenix outpost) was touring through Texas, presenting “Christ in the Passover” at various churches when he received a call from supporters of our ministry. Carol and Gary told Bruce about their Jewish sister-law, “Andrea.” She is 42 years old, married for just three years and has an 18-month old baby boy.

Bruce reports,

“Andrea has been diagnosed with stage four cancer and is asking some very serious questions. Carol and Gary asked if I would be willing to meet with her. I telephoned Andrea and listened as she tearfully wondered aloud why God would allow this to happen to her at such a wonderful time in her life. I shared with Andrea the love of Messiah and we planned to meet for lunch the following week when I would be in her area.

Andrea and her husband met with me the following Friday. I explained the gospel and suggested that the most natural thing for her to do was to ask God for the answers to her hard questions. She agreed. I then explained the illustration of Jesus that we can see in the Passover celebration, and Andrea listened intently. As our time together drew to a close, I challenged Andrea to ask God if Yeshua is truly the Messiah. She said that she would. As I prayed for her and her family I looked up and saw her tears and nods of affirmation. I hope to keep in contact with Andrea and her husband, but I would ask you all to pray for their family.”

Michael Sischy, leader of our Johannesburg branch, toured the Western Cape of South Africa. He reports,

“During my tour I met Denise, who converted to Judaism when she married a Jewish man. She is now divorced, with two teenage sons. A believing friend of hers encouraged her to come to a Passover seder I was leading. I noticed that she joined in the Hebrew blessings easily. Afterwards, she came up to me and asked how I came to believe in Jesus, and how can one know that God is real.

She seemed receptive as I gave my story and explained the gospel. Please pray for Denise and her two sons—one of whom I met—that they would find their peace in Yeshua.”

Kiev Outreach

Our Kiev branch conducted what they call a “mini-Campaign” for Passover from April 1-9, led by Eduard Granovsky.  During those nine days, the team handed out 57,100 of our broadside tracts. One Jewish person prayed to receive the Lord; four others gave their information to hear more from us. The team met three Jewish believers in Jesus we had not known before, as well as seven other Christians who want to be praying for us. In addition to handing out broadsides, the team completed 113 evangelistic phone calls, and visited with 63 Jewish seekers and 15 new Jewish believers. It was a good time to lift up Jesus, the Lamb of God.


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