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Passover Tours

Our missionaries are back from their Passover tours and we are very grateful for all your prayers. We wanted to share a couple of stories with you.

Bob Mendelsohn (who leads our work in Australia) was preaching in Brisbane (about 600 miles north of Sydney) on Easter Sunday morning. A young Chinese couple, new to the area, came at the invitation of a Christian friend. Both the husband and wife prayed that morning to receive Jesus! After the service, the couple approached Bob and told him how they’d been longing to find peace and meaning, and how thrilled they were to have heard the message of the gospel.

Stephen Katz, who leads our work in Washington D.C., returned to the D.C. area to speak in churches the week before Easter. Monday of that week he received an email from a girl named Jenny. She described herself as a college student who had just found Jesus but had "no idea where to go and who to talk to." Her family had reacted very negatively. Jenny lamented, "I am lost and just don’t know what to do."

Stephen immediately forwarded the email to Lynn McCoy, the branch’s female missionary, who at the time was in Minnesota. On Wednesday, as Stephen was driving to his church meeting, he suddenly saw a sign indicating that he was approaching the very university Jenny attends! He hadn’t realized that he’d be going right past it. Pulling off to a Starbuck’s, he called Jenny and left a voicemail. Just before he arrived at the church, she called back.

After the church service, Stephen drove back to the university and met with Jenny in a small restaurant. It had been a matter of days since she told her parents of her faith and was informed that they did not want to see her or hear from her. In the five and a half years Stephen has lived in the D.C. area, he had only driven past this university once or twice. Now, here he was precisely at the moment of need in the life of this new Jewish believer in Jesus! How amazing of God to orchestrate the visit by sending Stephen to a nearby church to present Christ in the Passover!


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