In July we celebrated ten years of Massah, a time of discipleship and outreach to Israelis. At first, Massah participants were mainly from the United States. Now we run two Massah programs each year, and the second group of participants is Israeli. All are Jewish believers in Yeshua (Jesus).

We have good news from this year’s Israeli Massah. They, too, began in Tel Aviv. Then half the team went on to India and the other half to Peru.

The Israeli Massah trip typically lasts through Rosh Hashanah, and our teams invite people they meet abroad to celebrate the holiday with them. This year, 63 people attended our Rosh Hashanah dinner in Manali (a town in the Indian Himalayas) and twenty in Peru. All got to hear a gospel presentation.

As team members look to share their faith, they have many “interactions”—opportunities to mention their faith in Jesus. This year they had 995 such interactions.

When people are willing to engage back and forth, these are not just “interactions” but “conversations.” This year the team had 490 such conversations.

Finally, when people are interested in having a longer discussion about the faith, we call those “visits,” of which there were 96 this year.

This year the team also wanted to keep track of how many people expressed interest in having more than one interaction or conversation, and there were 150 such people. Not only that, sixteen Israelis received Hebrew copies of the New Testament!

Please pray for:

  • Those who received the New Testament to read it with an open heart and to find the truth of Jesus
  • the many relationships that began in India and Peru to continue back in Israel and to lead people to the life God offers through Jesus
  • Those who participated on Massah to be encouraged to continue growing in their faith and to share it with others