Massah on the road in India

“I’m too scared to investigate this!”

That’s what Jamie,* an Israeli backpacking through India, told Alec, a member of our Massah team. Jamie and her friend Ben* had joined a few Massah members for a long car ride to Dharamsala, and Alec had shared with them his story of coming to believe in Jesus as the Jewish Messiah. Alec said, “That led to a long conversation about Jesus’ divinity, including a look at the Messianic prophecies, and an explanation of the gospel message.” When they finally arrived at their destination, Alec left Jamie and Ben with the challenge to continue to search for the truth about Jesus.

Chatting with Israelis at Dylan’s Coffee House in Manali

It was early morning when the entire Massah team reconvened in Dharamsala to spend their last week of outreach together. Giselle, the Massah team leader said, “By ‘early,’ I mean the taxi dropped them off at 4 a.m. and nothing was open, so they slept outside until they could eat breakfast.”

During this final week, the team experienced a lot of sickness, yet they had some of the best interactions they had had thus far. One great connection was the one that team member Asher had with an Israeli named Amitai.* Asher reported,

“I asked Amitai if we could study the first chapter of John together. He suggested we start with one section at a time so he could stop and ask questions. We began with John 1:1 which starts, ‘In the beginning…’ Just reading the opening section, Amitai was intrigued that it was just like the beginning of the Tanakh [the Hebrew Scriptures]…. Amitai believes in universal truth, so the hardest part of our conversation was challenging him to actually think about ideas for himself instead of just accepting them as a nice truth for me.


“We ended our time in Dharamsala with a Shabbat dinner together with friends we made along the way,” Giselle said. We hope you will be praying for these young people as they adjust to life back in the States and return to their jobs or studies.

This year’s Massah team had 236 spiritual conversations with Israelis, gave out 25 New Testaments, and studied the Scriptures with 16 different people. Read more stories from the team!

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*Not their real names