Aaron at Berlin’s iconic Brandenburg Gate

Our brand-new branch of Jews for Jesus in Berlin is already staying busy following up with Jewish people who want more information about Messiah. For the Israelis he meets on the streets, Aaron Lewin takes a creative approach to explaining Biblical concepts.

Here’s one story:

Ron* was one of my very first contacts when I arrived in Berlin. We’ve been meeting up on a regular basis in order to improve my Hebrew and his German and to talk about Jesus. Recently we were discussing the text from Leviticus about a blood sacrifice being necessary for the forgiveness of sin [Leviticus 17:11]. While Ron understood the concept, he found it hard to relate to and thought that it was a bit “barbaric.” His interest piqued as I mentioned that the same concept is found in the recent Batman versus Superman film [Spoiler alert!] – the idea of one person dying for another. Ron listened with interest as I presented the gospel with the help of the plot line of the recent Hollywood blockbuster! Please pray that whether through Batman, Superman or Leviticus, Ron would clearly understand the gospel and its implications on his life and come to know the One who died for him.”

Conversations at Brandenburg Gate

Aaron seems to have a gift for meeting colorful characters on the streets, and Lina,* an Israeli tattoo artist, was no exception. She grew up in a Messianic family in Israel but now lives in Berlin. She says she still believes in God, but that she chose to walk away from a life of faith. Aaron said,

“She came to a special event that we put on for Israelis during our summer outreach and we’ve been able to connect with her subsequently on a more personal basis. Pray that God would tattoo His Word on her heart in the near future!”

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*Not their real names