About to depart for India from Ben Gurion Airport

Our Israeli Massah team got off to an impressive start during their first week of training while staying at our Moishe Rosen Center in the Florentin neighborhood of Tel Aviv. Besides participating in classroom lectures on apologetics, church history and evangelism, they also completed a total of four outreaches.

During one of the first outreaches, team member Sahar met two girls who grew up in Conservative Jewish homes, but had now embraced New Age philosophy. “I shared my story and about God and the Messiah,” Sahar said. “One of the girls said she had met many Christians, but never thought their message was relevant to her. We left the conversation with her being interested in searching out the truth for herself.”

On the way back to the Center after an outreach, two guys on a bench asked one of our team members, Miri, what she was doing. “I started to tell them about who we are and we had an incredible conversation,” she said. “It turned out one of them was studying at a yeshiva [a seminary for Jewish religious studies] and was intrigued by my faith, so I challenged both of them to read the New Testament.”

Chaim shares the gospel with fellow Israelis at Dylan’s Coffee House

Before they had even left for India, the team ended up having 75 gospel conversations, and handed out 16 New Testaments!

After arriving in India, the Massah team wasted no time diving right into trekking, volunteering and meeting other young Israelis. Staff leader Chaim Birnbaum volunteered at Dylan’s Coffee House, a local hangout in Manali. He said, “During the shift, almost every time I served a table, I found myself sitting in front of five or six people, sharing the gospel. This happened about ten times and I was amazed at how people really want to hear about God in a way that they can understand. I shared the gospel with about 60 people on that one shift!”

Up next for the team is hosting an event at Dylan’s called “God Meets Us: A lecture about Messianic faith.” Would you pray that many Israelis would come out to hear about Jesus?

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