Larissa Savelieva, who serves as an outreach worker in our Odessa branch, was in for a shock during the first week of our Moscow campaign. She was at the Novoslobodskaya station, handing out gospel tracts, when a rabbi associated with an anti-missionary organization in Moscow approached her. Larissa reported:

He started yelling, “Police! Arrest her! She is doing illegal missionary activity!” Eventually, a police officer led me to the station. While I was there, the rabbi called his leader and said “Yes, I brought her here. Now they will arrest her. Now she will have to pay a penalty!” He was trying to scare me!

I was at the police station for two hours. The rabbi wrote a statement and I wrote one as well. He was sure that the new laws completely restricted all missionary activity, but the police didn’t believe him. They let me go as soon as the rabbi left the station.

After that dramatic beginning to her outreach, Larissa wasn’t sure what to expect. She was completely amazed by what happened next:

Larissa takes down a man’s contact information

As soon as I came out of the station, a woman approached me and asked for some of my materials. She wasn’t Jewish, but worked in a Jewish community center and gave me her contact information. Then another lady came and asked me for directions. I told her I didn’t know how to find what she was looking for, but I did know the way to God. Five minutes later, I led her in a sinner’s prayer and she asked God for forgiveness. She gave me her address and asked to stay in touch.

After that, a man passed by me, and I realized he was a cantor (a leader of liturgical music and prayer) at the local synagogue. I shared the gospel with him and he also gave me his contact information! I was so encouraged to see that God was working despite opposition!

Our team in Moscow has already received contact information from more than 70 Jewish people who want more information about Jesus. Russia has just imposed new laws that severely restrict missionary activity. Pray that God would continue to give us favor with the police and protect our team from harm as we wrap up our Moscow campaign!

Read more about our branch in Moscow.

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