Partnering with Jewish Voice Ministries

Bruce Rapp, who leads our work in Phoenix, reports, “This month a number of Jews for Jesus staff partnered with our friends from Jewish Voice Ministries (JVM) at the 20-year anniversary of their festival outreaches in Odessa, Ukraine.

“I was honored to be part of the American team of 60 volunteers working alongside Jewish Voice Ministries, along with our own Odessa staff and local volunteers.

“Our JFJ branch, along with five local messianic congregations, distributed 200,000 event invitations to the city before the American contingent arrived. When the rest of us showed up, we continued to distribute another 100,000 invites. Pictured on this building is one of the many billboards and banners that promoted the event around the city.

“There were a number of salvations on the streets prior to the festival as we engaged with many people who wanted to know more.  One Jewish woman, Lyudmila,* was in tears when she heard our message; she said she was going to bring her daughter to the concert. She is pictured in the print blouse praying, with Igor on her left and myself on her right.

“Prior to the event, some from the Jewish community contacted the Israeli Embassy and the government of Kiev, claiming this event would cause problems for the Jewish community. As a result, they did require us to move to the outdoor venue, but they could not shut us down. The Jewish community staged a special event in a park at the same time as the JVM festival to divert people, but people still wanted to attend the music and dance festival. The last photo shows the stadium beginning to fill up, even as it began to rain.

“More than 15,000 people attended the five free concerts put on by Jewish Voice Ministries. Praise God, more than 800 Jewish people gave their contact information for our branch and the five local messianic congregations to follow up.”

*not her real name


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