Moscow Campaign, Day One!

Our Moscow branch leader Maxim Ammosov reports,

“God really blessed us on our first day—the weather was nice and sunny, although last week it was cold and rainy. Half of the team was in training in the morning.  After lunch everyone, including trainees, went out to witness.  Two people got saved, plus 72 Jews and 16 Gentiles who don’t know Jesus gave their contact info to hear more! Praise God for the good start! Please continue to pray for us!”

We hope you’ll be encouraged by these stories from our first day:

Paula reports,

“Today during the sortie I spoke to a young man, Dmitri,* whose grandmother is Jewish. When I shared the gospel with him, Dmitri admitted that he is a sinner in need of God’s forgiveness, so I asked: ‘Would you like to pray and receive Jesus into your heart?’ He agreed and we prayed. Praise God for the young soul that God saved today!”

Marina reports,

“I was handing out tracts when I saw an elderly woman who looked so upset that I felt compelled to tell her, ‘God loves you.’ She stopped to listen as I told her about the gospel, then she suddenly started crying. She said that she had done many bad things in life, including having multiple abortions. She wanted to pray, so we did, and she received Jesus into her heart to forgive her sins. She didn’t want to give her address, but left her phone number. She lives alone and would be glad to meet other believers. Please, pray for her! Her name is Claudia.”

Pat reports,

“Today my partner in evangelism was Lyudmila. She speaks no English and I speak no Russian, but we still had a lot of fun! First, I was getting only Russian-speakers, so I sent them all to Lyudmila and she shared the gospel with them. Then, at some point, she started meeting English speakers, and it was my turn to evangelize. One young man asked her in English where the rest room was. She sent him to me and I shared the gospel with him. ?”

Mikhail reports,

“We were in a subway on our way back from a sortie (tract-passing expedition), when I noticed a Jewish woman staring at our shirts with interest. We had no time for a long conversation, so I asked her, “So, will you give me your contact information so we can tell you more about being Jewish and believing in Jesus?” It turned out that the woman was from Haifa. We had a nice brief talk and she left me her email address. She also wanted to do something nice for us, so she offered to put a note from us in the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem. I agreed and also asked if I could pray for her. She agreed as well and I prayed for her.

“Just a few meters away we met a young Israeli who is studying in Moscow. He promised to come to our Shabbat meeting.”

Anatoli reports,

“I was dropping in to visit people who are on our database. I came to one woman whom our records indicated was Jewish, but I quickly realized she was not. I shared the gospel with her. She told me she attends a synagogue and I was wondering why. It turns out that she has two Jewish neighbors, and she attends services with them. I took their addresses and visited them as well. One of the women gave me two more addresses of Jewish people living in that same building. Witnessing to one woman who isn’t Jewish gave me the opportunity to see four who are!”

*not his real name


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