Behold Your God Israel Report 3

Some of you know we postponed this Behold Your God Israel campaign last year because the Gaza conflict was preventing people from gathering publicly in the area we wanted to reach: the south shore, including Ashkelon and Ashdod.

Here’s some of what’s been happening, thanks to your prayers. Please keep praying!

Laura reports, “Within the first ten minutes of our first bannering expedition a religious man was on his phone reporting a ‘missionary sighting’ to our opposition. He was being careful because I had written down his license plate number and was rolling video. We left before his friends showed up, but meanwhile as he was waiting for them, this man overheard us sharing the message with others.

“We moved on to our second site and had just got the banner up when a policeman pulled up right next to us and told us we couldn’t do what we were doing there. I showed him my paperwork, but he told me to leave and go to the station. I asked sweetly if he could call for me since his Hebrew was so much better than mine. He chuckled and called. I waited next to the car and saw that he received a picture of another team holding the big banner on a bridge. We hadn’t even been out for an hour and the news seemed to be traveling fast! In the end, he not only told us we could continue what we were doing, he ended up being our special police escort! So on the first day of campaign, we had established permission from the police station to do bannering in that city.”

Campaign co-leader Alexander reports, “I love holding banners and watching people’s reactions as they read the words while they’re driving by. One truck stopped and the driver spoke with me about Yeshua and wanted to know more; he gave me his number so I can stay in touch and send him more literature. Several others stopped their cars to ask about Yeshua. I am encouraged that people are seeing the signs and thinking about the message.”

Volunteer Markus reports, “We were in a business center in Ashkelon and I was praying for contacts when a young man engaged me in conversation. He had seen us holding a banner on his way to work. Moshe* served in the army last summer during the Gaza conflict and was open to talking about spiritual issues. He gave me his contact information to learn more about Yeshua.”

Also from Laura: “Hannah, one of my teammates, met a local family of Jewish believers and a few minutes later, another Jewish believer approached her saying that he had just moved into the area and wanted to meet other believers and find a congregation! It was great to be able to connect them. Another young Jewish man told Hannah he has friends who are believers, but he wasn’t sure about Yeshua (Jesus). Hannah says, ‘When I asked if he would like me to send him a book to read, he said to please send him two, one for him and one for his friends so they could talk about it!’”

Also from Alexander, “A man from the place where we were housed struck up a conversation with us; he was impressed by the behavior of our group and said that made him want to connect with us on a deeper, spiritual level. He was so curious that he looked for us on Facebook and was also impressed with the information he discovered there. He said, ‘If you are able to positively impact an atheist like me, it’s already a good sign!’ He asked lots of questions and gladly received a New Testament and some of our other books—he said he reads at least two books a week. Please pray for Shmuel* as we continue the conversation.”

Stay tuned for the wrap-up report from our Behold Your God Israel South Shore campaign!

*not their real names


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