Massahniks inviting other Israelis to write on the “Wall of thanks” they created as a way of engaging in conversation.
Photo by Jake Blackburn

Our Israeli Massah team got off to a great start sharing the gospel on the streets of Tel Aviv this week. In two nights, the team spoke with 106 people and gave out two New Testaments. They are also getting to know one another, studying the Bible together, and learning new ways to share their faith. Team leader Eli Birnbaum says, “The team is very enthusiastic to share the gospel. They have been learning a lot in our lessons and engaging in conversations as we connect with people on the street.”

Stay tuned for highlights of some of their interactions…

And if you’re thinking “Wait, isn’t Massah over?” it IS over for the group who came over from the U.S. In fact, if you haven’t seen the short video about their experiences, it’s really encouraging and you can see it here. But Massah (literally means “the journey”) is just beginning for a group of nine Israelis. Please be praying for them as they reach out to people in their own country before moving on to India.