A wall that breaks down walls

Photo by Jake Blackburn

Last week we mentioned that our 2014 Israeli Massah team got off to a great start. As you can see from some of the team members in the photo, they enjoyed their first outreach, which included surveys and the “Wall of Thanks.”

Team leader Eli reports, “On the first night Massah went out, I walked up to a group of eight people and invited them to take our survey. Immediately they asked me if it was about Jesus. I figured someone from our team had already talked to them, but I asked anyway how they knew it was about Jesus. The funny thing was, they thought I physically looked like [their idea of] Jesus. I got to talk to all of them about the real Jesus. Later that night I saw someone we met in India during Massah 2012, a childhood friend of one of our participants from last year. I got to talk to him about Jesus, and tried to encourage him as he is going through a difficult time.”

Alex reports, “I saw a believing friend of mine with a couple of her friends and began explaining to one of her friends what we are doing, who Jesus is, and why we believe he is the Messiah. The guy told me he doesn’t believe in God at all. We began talking about miracles that happened during the past wars in Israel. Our conversation ended with him contemplating God. Afterwards, my friend sent me an encouraging text saying that we are doing a good job. She said even though her friend doesn’t believe in God yet, at least he is now thinking about it.”

Danielle says, “Our outreach was nearly over when I saw a homeless man, about 50 years old, wandering about picking up bottles. I gathered empty bottles from our group and brought them to him, then invited him to write on our “Thank you wall.” He replied, ‘Do you think I have what to be thankful for?’ and he shared his life story with me. Aaban* is a Muslim Arab from the territories. His brother was murdered by his own people because of his involvement with the Shin Bet (an Israeli intelligence organization), and Aaban was also persecuted and tortured on account of his brother. In Israel he did not receive a permit to work because he refused to cooperate with the Shin Bet like his brother did. I offered to pray for him, and he seemed encouraged. He pointed out that almost nobody speaks to him on the street, and that I was the second person this week that stopped to speak with him. Please pray he will open his heart to Yeshua.”

*Not his real name


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