Moscow 2013 Campaign

Moscow 2013 Campaign

This outreach ran from September 2-12 and we are praising God that 38 Jews and 33 Gentiles prayed to receive Jesus! 541 Jewish seekers and 268 Gentiles gave contact information to hear more about Jesus. Campaigners handed out 255,060 gospel broadsides. Hallelujah!

Moscow Police

Irina reports: “Maxim led us on a visibility walk through the Red Square and Kremlin. We were stopped four times by the police who wanted to know what we were doing, while telling us we ‘couldn’t do it.’ We laughed and explained that we were simply walking and touring the center of Moscow, so we were not ‘doing it.’ After the third such encounter, the police told us they would accompany us, and they escorted us up to the entrance to the Kremlin, where they saluted us, wished us all the best and left us to the last leg of our tour. It was very special! (see pics) Meanwhile, as we were passing by a large group of German tourists, their tour guide continued without missing a beat, ‘And this is another sight of Moscow – a group of Jews for Jesus in their typical colors.’ (Colors meaning our T-shirts identifying who we stand for.) We are becoming a city sight, guys!

“Some Christian art school students volunteered to go with us into the Tsaritsino Park and do free portraits while our missionaries talked to the crowds around them. It was a great opportunity to get into spiritual discussions and we received twenty contacts from people who want to know more about Jesus!”

Portrait Talk
As people stop to watch our volunteer artist,
a campaigner strikes up a gospel conversation

Tolik: “We are getting a lot of contacts on the Internet. Many people ‘like’ our posts and repost them as well as our videos. I have already gotten a contact from a seeker who would like to meet with us personally. Internet is a great tool that works for us even while we are asleep!”

Galina: “I called to invite people to our Marc Chagall presentation and reached a woman who said, ‘Yes, I will gladly come. I am the daughter of Marc Chagall’s cousin!’ She even said she would bring some relatives with her.

“I was finishing my visits and when I entered the last flat of the day, I saw it was practically empty. Elena said she has stage four cancer and her children had sold nearly everything in their flat to buy her morphine. She is now discussing the possibility of euthanasia with her doctor. Elena gladly heard the gospel and begged me to call her back to share more of the Word of God. Please pray for Elena!”

Pavel: “I was talking to a man who tried to make our conversation into a joke. But finally he said, ‘Looking at your face, I get the idea that you have something to say to me.’ ‘Exactly,’ I said, ‘I want to tell you that Messiah has come, and He came to take your sin away.’ When he turned serious, I offered him a New Testament and he took it. So I offered him an invitation to our Shabbat service, and he took that, too. So I decided to offer him the opportunity to pray the sinner’s prayer. And he agreed! His name is Vladimir.

“Right after that a Jewish woman, Alla, started asking me for directions. I told her it was only my third day in Moscow and I am not familiar with the city. I explained that I’m giving out free literature as a believer who wants people to get saved. She was interested, so I shared the gospel with her. When I saw she was even more interested, I asked if she would like to pray the sinner’s prayer. And she did. Then she began crying and laughing and hugging me! Praise the Lord!”

Paula Perry: “I cannot talk to many people here because of the language barrier. When a young lady by the name of Tanya came up to me, I began speaking slowly in English, and asked if she understood me. She said, ‘Yes.’ I showed her the place in our literature that has a sinner’s prayer, and I asked her to read it and tell me if she understood it. She read it and said, ‘Yes,’ she understood. When I asked if she agreed with this prayer, again she said, ‘Yes.’ So I asked her to read it again as a prayer to God while I prayed in English—and she did. I wanted to give her a New Testament in Russian, but I could not find it in my bag, so I asked Vitaly to give her one. He did, and he also talked with Tanya in Russian and confirmed that she really understood what she had prayed!”

Chagall Presentation
Chagall presentation
Avy Snyder
Avi Snyder, our European director,
gave a brief altar call at the end of the evening

Natasha: “We were putting broadsides under car windshields (which is legal in Moscow) when two men saw me and called me to come up to them. One asked a lot of questions, and when they heard we were Jews, they gave me the contact information for their neighbor. So I said, ‘Thank you, and now your contacts.’ One of them gave me his contact information. I thanked him, but when I saw he was really open, I explained the gospel and asked if he would like to pray the sinner’s prayer, and he read it out loud, sincerely. His name is Igor.”

Irina reports: “On Rosh Hashanah, September 5, Misha Vayshengolts presented and discussed a collection of paintings by Marc Chagall and how they relate to the gospel. Of the 53 people who attended, there were eight Jewish seekers, three of whom made decisions for the Lord!

“Our program included few songs from JFJ’s Simkhat Mashiah group, music by a viola soloist, the Chagall presentation, and a brief message with an altar call by Avi Snyder. We also had the blowing of the shofar as well as a Jewish dance group. Volunteers helped a lot. Central Baptist Church furnished the sound system, and Heavenly Abodes Church provided apples and honey for everyone. Teamwork—Jesus’s victory!”


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