Montreal 2013 Campaign

Our Montreal campaign began on September 1 and ended on Friday, September 13, just before sundown (the beginning of Yom Kippur). The team saw 40 people pray to receive Jesus as Messiah, including one Jewish person. They received contact information from 105 unbelievers who are willing to hear more about Jesus, including 46 Jewish people. They handed out 60,675 gospel tracts and had some amazing interactions with people.

From Gabe Nussbaum: “I saw a middle-aged lady sitting against a wall. As I made eye contact with her she got very excited upon seeing the Star of David on my shirt. I greeted her and she responded by asking me to bless the Star of David she was wearing on a chain around her neck. I told her that blessing a piece of jewelry was not going to be of much value to her but I would be glad to pray a blessing on her. So I prayed aloud for God’s favour on this woman and particularly for God’s revelation in her life. After the prayer I found out that she was raised Catholic and while she loves the Jewish people she did not know Jesus and was depending on a good life to make it to heaven. After telling her about God’s plan of salvation and Jesus’ real purpose for coming to earth she was ready to make a decision to receive her Messiah with tears of repentance and joy. GLORY TO GOD!”

From Ron McDevitt: “On the way back from a sortie in the downtown district a Jewish man came and told me that he liked my Star of David necklace. I began to talk to him about Jesus and shared my story, including the fact that my grandmother was killed at Auschwitz. He told me his father was an Auschwitz survivor. I then presented the gospel to him. He understood and prayed with me to receive Jesus as his Saviour and gave me his follow up info.

“In the morning while on the way to the metro, a man called out to me and said, ‘Hey!’

“I replied, ‘Hey, do you want to go to heaven when you die?’ He came up to me and said he did. I then shared the gospel with him and he prayed to receive the Lord.

“Then his wife came up and she also wanted to be saved, so I shared the gospel with her, and she prayed. Two more people from their group walked up; I shared the gospel with them, and they prayed to get saved. I then got all of their contact information, and they went away very happy.”

From Valerie Bouaziz: “A woman looked at me angrily and said, ‘Why do you do that on Rosh Hashanah?’ in English, then she said in Hebrew, ‘This is forbidden.’ I answered in Hebrew, saying, ‘This is the right time, the time of repentance, to turn to God and be right with Him.’ I asked her what she does for forgiveness of her sins and she answered me, ‘Yom Kippur is the day of repentance.’ I replied, ‘Is that enough?’ She then said, ‘We have Shabbat.’

“I told her, ‘According to God, only by the blood of the sacrifices do we have atonement, and today there is no temple to bring sacrifices. Yeshua shed His blood for you and me. He is our sacrifice. You don’t have to believe me—you don’t know me—but you do know God’s Word and you can ask Him and search for yourself if Yeshua is the Messiah.’ She smiled at me and became very gentle as she asked for a tract and promised to read it. Please pray for Yael for her to know her personal Messiah Yeshua!”

Karl deSouza: “Our team went to a mall where most of the patrons are Jewish. As part of our team got seats in the food court, I went to order some coffee at the counter of one of the restaurants. The cashier, who was Jewish, asked us about our T-shirts. She was very open to know more and gave her contact info. While our order was being filled, I noticed a man mulling around us looking at my T-shirt. He walked away but when Ron came, he engaged Ron with questions. I then saw Ron and the man with bowed heads, praying! Ron later told me he was a Gentile and he accepted the LORD after hearing the gospel. I had been to this mall many times and I remembered seeing this man many times. Many people noticed our T-shirts. A group of elderly men called me over to ask what we were about. I explained that we were Jews who believed in Jesus. The men asked questions and listened when I explained. They weren’t interested to receive more info but they took a broadside. I encouraged them to ask God to show if He was real, to read Isaiah 53, which I wrote on the broadside. I mentioned to them that this passage was written centuries before Jesus, a graphic picture of what Messiah would do for us.

“Another day, I was at Villa-Maria metro when an older lady came up, took a tract and asked what was this. Then she noticed the Hebrew on my T-shirt and started speaking in Hebrew. I explained that we are Jews who believe that Yeshua – Jesus – is the Jewish Messiah and Saviour of the world. To my surprise, she said she believed that also! But after speaking further to Miriam* (not real name), it seemed like she hasn’t received Yeshua as her Saviour. However, she was very open to further contact and left her information for me to follow up.”

From Karen Myers: “One morning, on the drive up from the hotel to our host church, I noticed a man walking along the sidewalk and recognized him from our sortie the previous night. It was outside one of the many strip bars on St. Laurent that I approached him to give him and his bouncer/security co-worker each a broadside. They both took the tracts and thanked me.

“Anyway, I commented to the other campaigners in the JFJ minivan, ‘Look! There is a guy I gave a broadside to last night on the sortie. He worked as security at a club.’ Karl looked at the guy and said, ‘Really!?! He’s Israeli and I have been witnessing to him.’

“What a great God we serve! I had no idea of the seeds Karl has been sowing in this man’s heart when I gave him a tract. But God is faithful to water, and water, and water. And fertilize the soil. So that one day the seed will bear fruit. I truly believe that the Lord will bring this young man to salvation and use him as a mighty warrior for the kingdom. Let us pray for the soon harvest!

“We were in a very Jewish neighborhood, and I had just given a broadside to a woman at a bus stop, when I felt someone brush against my arm. I turned around to see a short, elderly, Orthodox man standing by my elbow, complete with suit and hat. He reached out his hand eagerly and said, ‘What’s that?’ He grabbed the broadside I offered, and very carefully hid it amidst his bags.

“It was late Friday night, and we were passing out ‘Beware of Religious Fanatics’ broadsides to the party crowd near Concordia University. I saw an old man standing at the corner and offered him a tract. ‘What’s this about?’ he asked in French.

“‘It’s about God,’ I replied. ‘It’s the best news you ever heard!’

“The old man’s face hardened. ‘I know that God exists–He must–but He is completely unjust!’ As he ranted on, I could see that he had gone through a lot of pain in his life, and that the day of his death was fast approaching.

“Every time I tried to respond, he raised another angry objection. I thought about politely ending the conversation, but I could not. The man’s tone was different. I sensed earnest cries for help from a man in need.

“As we talked, the man’s face began to soften. Finally, he said, ‘Thank you so much for this conversation. I can see that you have a good soul, and I will consider what you say.’ I asked if he wanted me to send him more information. He shook his head. ‘No, I will take this pamphlet home to read, and will probably call the number on the back for more information.’

“He was turning to leave, when suddenly, a strong urge came over me to tell him: ‘Remember, you can pray to God and Jesus will give you peace in your heart!’

“The man paused, and gave a heavy sigh. ‘I have no peace in my soul. I will be thinking about what you said. Keep doing what you are doing, but this is a bad area, so please be very careful!’ With that, he turned and walked off into the darkness.

“I was in downtown Montreal when I noticed a man waiting in his car by the curb. I approached and offered him a broadside. ‘Oh, you are from Jews for Jesus!’ he said with a cynical smile, taking the tract. He was a Muslim and soon I was talking to him and his three Muslim passengers.

“Everyone seemed to be excited about the opportunity to debate with a Jew for Jesus. Someone would ask a ridiculous question and the whole car would shake with laughter. When I gave a reasonable answer, everyone would sit stunned for a moment, then try a new question.

“The man in the passenger’s seat was getting madder by the second. ‘Don’t you realize,’ he yelled, ‘that Jesus couldn’t be God? The heart of man is so evil! If God came to earth, people would kill Him!

“I couldn’t believe my ears. ‘That’s exactly what happened!’ I replied. ‘Jesus is God! He came to earth and we [humanity] killed Him!’

“‘No, no, no!’ the man in the passenger’s seat yelled back. Now he was furious.

“The driver simply shook his head, still smiling, but not quite so cynically. He asked one last question, but drove away as fast as he could before anyone could hear my answer. Please pray for God to water these gospel seeds!

“It was the first full day of campaign, and our team was supposed to go into a Jewish neighborhood for an afternoon sortie. Somehow, we turned the wrong direction from the metro stop, and ended up in a different neighborhood instead. We had just realized our mistake and were about to turn around when Gabe decided to engage a woman at a bus stop in conversation. He began with the proposal statement, and asked: “So who do you think Jesus is?’

“‘Well, I’m Jewish,’ the lady replied. “‘Oh, really!’ said Gabe, quite surprised. ‘I am, too! But do you know who Jesus is?’ “‘I don’t really know,’ the lady continued. ‘I’m Jewish and I don’t know much about him.’ Right then, I noticed an Indian woman coming up beside me on the street. I turned and gave her a broadside. ‘What is this all about?’ she asked in English, taking the pamphlet. “‘It’s about Jesus,’ I replied. “‘Who is Jesus?’ she said. “‘Have you never heard about Jesus?’ I asked. The woman shook her head. I gave her a short synopsis of God, our sin, and Jesus’ sacrifice for us. She seemed to understand and when a car pulled up to the curb, she bid me goodbye and they drove away.

“I walked back to where Gabe was talking to the Jewish lady. Her bus was approaching down the street, and she was saying goodbye to Gabe. She smiled broadly, and thanked him for the conversation. I reached into my tract bag, and pulled out the JFJ pamphlet called ‘Yeshua.’ Offering it to the woman, I said, ‘Here is some more information about Jesus, if you would like to read it.’

“She simply beamed at me as she took the pamphlet, and said, ‘Thank you so much! It’s all good news!’ From speaking the name of Jesus for the first time to an Indian woman, to sharing the true message of Messiah with a Jewish lady, I have to agree. Yes, indeed–it’s all good news!”

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