Amidst the Moscow witnessing campaign, the team made an all-out effort to invite people to celebrate two Rosh Hashanah events with them via invitations by phone, on the streets, in the mail and online. First there was an event involving Chagall paintings that you can read about in the Moscow report. In addition, the team held a traditional service. 130 people came to the service, which is the most guests we’ve had for a high holiday service since the Moscow branch began! Thirty-eight people gave us their contact information, including three Jewish people and two Gentiles who made first time professions of faith in Jesus.


Eli Birnbaum, who is leading our Israeli Massah team, ended up leading a Rosh Hashanah celebration for about 40 Israeli trekkers in Manali. He shared a gospel message as part of the celebration and was well received. Read more about it in our Massah report.

San Francisco

Members of our creative team at Headquarters put together a special "poster" board with cutouts, depicting the traditional Jewish New Year apple and honey (complete with honey bee and holiday bread known as challah). A few of our people trotted down to San Francisco State University to set up the board and invite students to pose at our "photo booth" with their faces in the cutouts. We posted the photos on our Facebook fan page and asked for their email addresses so we could send them the link. It was a fun conversation starter and the kind of thing we will probably continue doing more of in the future. You can see the photos here.


We often get opportunities to do radio interviews during the Jewish holidays. We’re providing three from this season—two from a Christian program, Haven Today. You can hear Rich Robinson share his story in light of Rosh Hashanah and Susan Perlman telling about her faith journey in light of Yom Kippur. The last interview was for a secular broadcast, a brief segment of a larger program done by BBC London in which Simon Lissak had the opportunity to share the gospel. Click here to download his interview.