Budapest 2013 Campaign

Our Budapest campaign ran from August 15–31. It ended with 83 Jewish seekers having given us their contact information, and five Jewish people making professions of faith in Jesus! 346 Gentile seekers gave us their contact information, and 34 professed faith in Jesus! The team distributed 188,625 gospel broadsides.

Our Budapest campaigners!
When Jews for Jesus started 40 years ago we never dreamed
we would one day be preaching the gospel in Hungary!

Irina reports: “On our last day, the team showed our ‘Survivor Stories’ film, giving testimonies of Holocaust survivors who came to faith in Jesus. About 165 visitors attended (not including our team and the people who worked at the church where the film was shown). Seven people raised their hands to receive the Lord, but it was hard to confirm their statuses afterwards. We had conversations with two of the Jewish people who confirmed that they had prayed to receive Jesus.”

Here are some stories we hope will encourage you to keep praying for our ongoing evangelism in Budapest:

The Hebrew lettering on this kosher pizzeria is a clear sign of Israeli life in Budapest.

Avi reports: “After a late night sortie, Hungarian volunteer Istvan related a witnessing encounter that especially blessed him. As he swept through a park area, he asked a group of young men and women, ‘Do you have an opinion about Jesus? Who do you think he is?’ A young man answered Istvan, ‘We have no opinion about Jesus. We don’t care.’ Istvan knelt down on the grass where the small group was sitting in order to talk a bit more. He noticed the satanic paraphernalia that they wore, but he went on to share the gospel all the same. To Istvan’s delight, they listened! It wasn’t until he had finished sharing the message of God’s love and had started to walk away that he noticed the words written across the back of the young man’s jacket: ‘God hates us.’ Pray with us that the message of God’s love will grow in these young peoples’ hearts.”

Kata Tar reports: “It was hot, I was tired after the early morning sortie, and I was looking at my watch far too often. Too many people showed indifference. Suddenly, I heard a hoarse whisper: ‘Where can you get a T-shirt like this?’ A grey-haired, bearded man with blue eyes, probably in his 70s, was standing in front of me. His broken appearance suggested that he might be homeless.

“‘We give these T-shirts to our volunteers who help with our mission,’ I answered, thinking that this is the end of the conversation. But he had another question. ‘How can I join you?’ So I’m thinking that maybe this man hopes we will hire him to hand out leaflets. I asked, ‘Have you received Jesus in your heart?’ To be honest, this was more of a sending-away question than an invitation.

This Jewish man wanted to reach others with the gospel just as he was reached (he prayed with us to receive Jesus
on last year’s campaign)

“His answer took me by surprise and put me to shame. ‘No, but I am standing at the threshhold.’ Finally, I realized what was going on here! This man wanted to get saved! We stood a bit away from the traffic and Béla carefully listened to the facts of the gospel. Then he seriously whispered a prayer by which he gave his heart to Jesus. I gave him some basic information about starting his new life with Jesus, which he repeated back to me. Finally he introduced himself. He is a poet who had lost his vocal cords through cancer. He whispered one of his poems into my ear. It was about his struggles to surrender his life to the Lord, and the last phrase was this: ‘Shalom, Jerusalem.’

“A day later it dawned on to me that Béla is Jewish. I checked it with him and he confirmed it. His cry to the living God was a weak whisper, but the Lord’s ear is not so dull that He would not have heard that. Béla’s name is now written into the Book of Life forever.”


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