RealTime September 2013

High Holiday Photobooth

High Holidays
September 12, 2013

Moscow Amidst the Moscow witnessing campaign, the team made an all-out effort to invite people to celebrate two Rosh Hashanah events with them via invitations by phone, on the streets, in the mail and online. First there was an event involving Chagall paintings that...

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Israeli Massah
September 11, 2013

You read about a Massah group earlier in the summer; that was a team of primarily North American participants. Following that first Massah group, we now have an "all Israeli" team meeting up with and engaging other Israelis with the gospel in India.

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Budapest 2013 Campaign
September 10, 2013

Our Budapest campaign ran from August 15–31. It ended with 83 Jewish seekers having given us their contact information, and five Jewish people making professions of faith in Jesus! 346 Gentile seekers gave us their contact information, and 34 professed faith in Jesus! The team distributed 188,625 gospel broadsides.

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Montreal 2013 Campaign

Montreal 2013 Campaign
September 9, 2013

Our Montreal campaign began on September 1 and ended on Friday, September 13, just before sundown (the beginning of Yom Kippur). The team saw 40 people pray to receive Jesus as Messiah, including one Jewish person. They received contact information from 105...

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Moscow Police

Moscow 2013 Campaign
September 8, 2013

This outreach ran from September 2-12 and we are praising God that 38 Jews and 33 Gentiles prayed to receive Jesus! 541 Jewish seekers and 268 Gentiles gave contact information to hear more about Jesus. Campaigners handed out 255,060 gospel broadsides. Hallelujah!...

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Adventure Camp 2013
September 7, 2013

In our August edition of RealTime, we shared some highlights of our junior and teen camps for Jewish children ages 8-15. Now we’re excited to tell some of what happened at our adventure camps for ages 16-18.

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Jewish Facts of Life: Sukkot

Jewish Facts of Life
September 6, 2013

The Feast of Tabernacles (Sukkot in Hebrew) begins sundown, September 18.

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September 5, 2013

WOW! You can witness simply by drinking a simple cup of coffee or tea, and just to help we’re offering free shipping on our brand new, classy, commemorative mug.

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