Behold Your God Israel: North Shore Highlights

Iris: “Today while I was phoning, a man asked what we believe. I explained that we are Jewish people who believe that Yeshua is the Messiah of Israel who came to bring us peace with God. He told me that it was very strange that I had called him at that moment because he was watching a news report of a terror attack and the news anchor had just said ‘There will be no peace until the Messiah comes.’ I explained to him how real peace is spiritual and it is attainable because Messiah has come. Though he didn’t give his contact information, I really felt that the timing of the call had impressed him and that he would think about it later.”

Also from Arielle: “Today I sat next to someone and started to have a conversation with him. I asked if he had heard about Yeshua, that he died for your sins and rose from the dead? He said that his wife tells him this every day! It turns out his wife is a Filipina believer. I asked if he read the New Testament, but he said that they don’t have it in Hebrew. I told him that I could send him one. He was very happy to receive one and was excited about introducing me to his wife, who was shopping in a store nearby.”

Yarden: “A religious man was opposing us aggressively, and when the police came he brought them over to me. I told the police, ‘This man is a French tourist and he has no right to say that I can’t wear a T-shirt about Yeshua. I can wear whatever I want! People wear T-shirts with Satan, sex or no shirts at all. I can wear a T-shirt showing that I love Yeshua!’ The police agreed with me and left. Meanwhile this man continued to harass us, but the woman I was speaking to stood up to him. When he shouted at her, ‘Why are you talking to her? She is a missionary!’ The woman replied, ‘I don’t care! I am curious and I am interested in hearing what she has to say!’ The man continued to yell, but the woman gave me her contact information anyway!”

Moti: “We were doing a banner sortie when four Orthodox men came and started to pray near us. We started to roll up our banners because we didn’t want them to bother us, but before we knew it they were throwing stones at us. We started calling for help and then I started to sing a song called ‘I Am Not Ashamed’ in Hebrew. When I started singing they went away. We prayed for them and continued to banner. We got nine contacts from this sortie!”

Dan: “I went to the office early this morning, around 6:45. As soon as it hit 7 a.m. (when the bannering sorties began) the phones would NOT stop ringing! Over 60 people saw our banners and asked about what “Yeshu=Yeshua=Yeshuah” means. The banners really work!”

Tigist: “We were bannering when two policemen came to speak with us. We told them we weren’t planning to leave for another half an hour, and I began to tell them the gospel. I shared many verses with them and they not only gave their contact information but they even told us that they would come to our banner site the next day to protect us! A little while later another policeman stopped by and asked what we were doing. I was able to share the gospel with him also, and he was very open and had many questions.”

Also from Tigist: “This morning my team went into a caf?. The cashier looked at our shirts and said, ‘Are you those people with the banners? I saw you and would like to hear more.’ She was very interested in knowing what it was about. We began to talk but customers were lining up to pay her so she said, ‘Can you give me a minute?’ We sat down and ordered coffee and tea. She later sat down with us to hear more. She explained that she came from a traditional family and it might be hard for her to believe in Jesus. I told her that I was also from a traditional family, but we are mature people and need to make our own choices. This made sense to her and she gave us her contact information.”

More from Tigist: “I went into a store and an Ethiopian sales girl, Nigist, approached us and asked about our T-shirts. I explained what the T-shirt meant and shared the gospel with her, and that as a people, we had rejected our Messiah. As I was speaking with her, her eyes were tearing up. Her supervisor approached and pointed out that she had a customer. After she helped the customer she came back to talk to me further. She wasn’t willing to give me her contact information, but I gave her our office phone number. She said she was pleased to meet me. Later, Karl, my team leader, suggested I write down some Scriptures along with the phone number. She was glad that I came back to give her that information.”

Avigail: “The first person I called during telephoning asked me to call him again. He said he would pass on what I said to his friends and neighbors and perhaps they would want the book, too. When I called back he said that he had spoken to his neighbors, and many thought that Yeshua might be the Messiah. None of them had found fulfillment in Orthodox Judaism. He gave me his name and the names of three other people who wanted the Yeshua book and the New Testament. He wants to talk more about this!”

Also from Avigail: “Both on the beach and while telephoning, my team is finding many people open to hearing the good news. We encountered people who had seen the Yeshua movie and were interested in receiving our book as well. At the beginning of the campaign, people’s hearts seemed dark, but by the end it seemed that they changed!”

Larry: “I was calling and was very encouraged when I spoke to a woman who said, ‘I have been seeing your banners all over Netanya!’ I said, ‘Can I send you this book about Yeshua?’ and she responded, ‘Yes!'”

Dalia: “While my team was at the beach, I was walking with Debby. The first person I spoke to was a man who cleans the sand off the beach chairs. He did not speak English; he only spoke Amharic (the language of Ethiopia) and Hebrew. I began to speak to him in Hebrew and asked him if he had heard of Yeshua. While talking to him, a younger man approached us and sat down next to us. Our team member Arielle sent the young man to me because she did not speak Hebrew, so I had two men listening to the good news of Messiah. I asked the older man if he believed in God. He looked up and said, ‘Yes.’ I asked, ‘The God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob?’ He said, ‘Yes.’

“Then he explained that he is familiar with Christian teachings about Jesus. I asked, ‘Are you Jewish?’ ‘Yes,’ he replied. ‘Have you ever asked Yeshua to come into your life and forgive all your sins?’ He said, ‘No.’ I said, ‘Are you ready to ask him to forgive your sins and write your name in the Book of Life forever?’ He responded, ‘Yes.’ He then repeated a prayer of salvation with me. Afterward he was very happy and I said, ‘Hallelujah!’ I then turned to the younger man and asked if he was ready to pray. He was quiet. I said, ‘It’s a hard decision. Are you ready?’ He said, ‘Yes.’ While we were still praying, his boss came and told him to get up and go back to work and I was a bit sad.

“After my team went for a break, we returned to the same place. I prayed as I returned and asked God to order my steps to meet this young man again. Right away I saw both men again! The younger man did not give an address but gave me his cell phone number gladly.”

Also from Dalia:We were walking away at the end of our sortie when I saw a 60-year-old lady. I said to her, ‘Can I ask you a question? Have you ever heard of someone named Yeshua?’ She immediately began crying and hugged me. I said, ‘Let’s sit.’ Albina cried, ‘I have so many problems! Can He help me?’ I immediately replied, ‘Yes, because He helped me!’ I told her that Yeshua died for her sins and rose from the dead after the third day. She continued crying as I explained. She told me that she has a Tanakh in Hebrew, but she reads only Russian. I assured her that we would give her a Bible in Russian.

“Again she asked, ‘Can Yeshua really help me? I don’t know how to pray!’ I told her that I could help her pray. We prayed for the many problems in her family and then I led her in a prayer of repentance and salvation through the Lord. As we prayed, ‘Please write my name in your Book of Life forever,’ she started crying again. When we finished the prayer I told her angels were dancing in heaven, and she continued to weep and did not want me to leave her! Please pray for the resurrection power of Yeshua to do a work of transformation in her family!”

Olga: “Our team did a sortie (witnessing expedition) in a shopping center and I sat down next to a man on a bench. He told me that years ago he heard a story told by a rabbi, and as he told me the story I realized that it was the story of the Good Samaritan! I told him that he should read the original version of this story and read the New Testament for himself. The man was amazed to hear where the story came from and gave his contact information. His wife also joined us and heard about Jesus.”

Also from Olga: “As we were calling people on the phone, I spoke to a woman who was very joyful and excited about receiving the New Testament. ‘How did you know I wanted a New Testament so much?!’ she exclaimed. She asked her neighbors if they had a New Testament. One neighbor said he had one, but wouldn’t give it to her. She even wrote to a newspaper asking where she could find a New Testament! She kept asking me, ‘How did you know? How did you know I wanted a New Testament?!'”

Tzachi: “I saw a young lady named Shiran sitting on a bench in the city center of Netanya. I asked her if she had heard about Yeshua. She said no, and I proceeded to tell her the gospel. She listened quietly and then said, ‘What do I need to do?’ I told Shiran that she needed to pray to accept Yeshua into her life, and she prayed with me right there in the busy center. Then she told me that in two weeks she is going to join the air force. I gave her a copy of my story and assured her that someone will contact her before she leaves for the air force.”

Also from Tzachi: “After lunch I saw a mother and daughter pushing a baby carriage with a dog inside! I thought it was cool and asked if I could take a picture. They noticed that the people on my team were speaking various languages—English, Russian and Hebrew. The mother wanted to know where we were from and she commented, ‘Israel is not a good place to live.’ I asked her where she thought a good place was to live and she replied, ‘America.’ I told her the only really good place to live is in heaven, with God. I offered her the book about Yeshua. She said she had too many books already, but when I said this is a book about the Jewish Messiah, she decided to accept it.”

Jeremy: “This was my first campaign and I faced hostility that I had never experienced before. I also experienced the authenticity of God’s Word where He says that when we are threatened, He is all around us. It was a difficult but good experience.”

Valerie: “During a sortie a woman looked at me and said, ‘Valerie?’ I was startled and asked, ‘Do you know me?’ She said, ‘Yes! You gave me a New Testament in Texas!’

“My husband and I go to malls and look for Israelis working in kiosks. We share the gospel and I give them New Testaments. This woman was one of those I had met at a mall! While she had not yet read the New Testament, she remembered the encounter. I encouraged her to read it since Yom Kippur was coming!”

Also from Valerie: We were bannering and a car stopped and a man asked, “What is it?” I said, “It’s about Yeshua.” He said, “You mean the one who was crucified?” I said, “Yes! Do you want the book?” He said, “I already got it!” “Did you read it?” I asked. He said, “Yes,” the light changed and he sped away.

Debby: “My team was at a restaurant for lunch. Our waitress spoke English so I said she could practice her English with me! I shared the gospel and she gave me her name and number to receive the Yeshua book. Gadi had to return to the restaurant after we left because he had forgotten his hat. He saw the waitress and said, ‘You are getting the book, aren’t you?’ She said, ‘Yes!’ He told her that the message in that book changed the lives of all four of us! She said, ‘Really?! When will I get the book? I can’t wait to read it!'”


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