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Read an update on Moishe’s health, Massah (Jews for Jesus young adult outreach to Israeli backpackers); news from our San Francisco and Moscow branches and keep scrolling down for more …


Since we last asked you to pray for Moishe regarding the metastasized prostate cancer, we have seen a really good response to the chemo.  Moishe’s level of pain has dropped significantly and so has his PSA count (from the 300 level to 73).  The treatments do cause weakness and there has been some concern about infection at the site of the port, but we are very grateful that the treatments are working.  Please join us in praying that they continue to work, that Moishe will regain some of his strength, and that God will protect him from infection.

Massah (THE JOURNEY) Continues and we need your continued prayer for those involved.

Here is a report from Rachelle Trank, part of the leadership team for this relatively new outreach (we are now in our third year).

“The Scoop from the Inside”

I am excited to share with you what an amazing time we all had together and how God met us in our strengths and weaknesses and used all 21 of us as instruments for His kingdom.

First let me clarify…there are two teams, three names. The first is called Massah: Alef.  These were first-time participants, of which we had twelve participants as well as three leaders. Then there is Massah: Bet, who participated last year and came back for more.  These two teams functioned together this year. Massah: Bet became Massah: Mobile the minute that the Alef team left India and the group of six remained on their own (as planned) to see how God could use them.

While the Bet team was still in their “cocoon” stage, they assisted the Alef team (led by Aaron Abramson, as well as my husband who is also named Aaron—and me). The Bet team helped show the ropes to the Alef team: they led our worship, they led evangelism teams out on the streets of Tel Aviv, they often cooked us dinner, and Remy (my little brother!) was known to give a few haircuts free of charge. But I think one of the most exciting things for all of us involved this year, was to host a concert for the Israelis we met in India in 2008. Remy, Isaac Brickner, and Sterling Reed, all members of the Bet team, have a band called “New Light Ruins,” which they formed after their time on Massah last year. The Bet team organized a BBQ and created the perfect atmosphere for the guys to play their music and share the gospel in Tel Aviv, continuing their witness to people we had met a year before in India! This was a huge encouragement to the Alef team just before they headed off to India in hopes of making similar connections. It was awesome for us as leaders to see how God was bringing this evangelistic program full circle!

As their cocoon slowly broke and the impending transformation to butterfly began, Bet’s last challenge before they could fly on their own was to lead smaller teams of Alef participants around India. They organized food, travel, money, housing and most importantly they helped the first-timers engage in and carry on evangelistic conversations. Many on the Alef team had known most of the Bet participants for many years through other children’s and youth programs Jews for Jesus offers (and a few had known each other all their lives, e.g., my little brother and me, as well as my husband and his younger brother). We were so impressed and blessed to see the leaders they had become over the time in Israel. They handled challenges with grace and prayer and the others respected them and looked to them for guidance. I was honored to be working alongside them and would do it again in a heartbeat.

But maybe that’s just the big sister talking….

So, the Bet team did break out of their cocoon and have been Massah: Mobile for almost a month now. They instantly had some amazing experiences as God put people in their path who were willing to hear the gospel. Click here for a couple of “on location” reports from their blog.

This team will not be home until December and I know that between now and then God will use them in some incredible and unexpected ways. But, as you can imagine, they need our prayers!  Please join me in prayer for: health, safety, contentment, joy, strength and energy. Please also be praying for the people they are meeting in India who are hearing about their Jewish Messiah and the redemption He brings.

Thank you so much for your support and prayers!


Back to School

This is a sample of the ads we have placed in campus newspapers all across the United States. (We removed the phone number for Realtime.)

With a number of new and returning college students starting the school year, it’s a great time for our missionaries to be doing campus outreach.  And, with the new school year coinciding with the Jewish New Year, we’ve placed holiday greetings in a number of campus newspapers. 

Most campuses accepted the ad, including Harvard, Columbia, New York University and Berkeley. Oddly, the Hurricane at the University of Miami refused the ad; while they suggested we might try another ad at a future date, they refused to comment on why this ad was rejected or what it would take to make an ad acceptable for their paper. Greg Savitt, leader of our Florida branch plans to be on the Miami campus with flyers letting students know what they missed.

Of course, in addition to these printed greetings, our staff are on campuses, handing out our gospel broadsides and interacting with students wherever possible.  Rob Wertheim, who leads our San Francisco branch reports, “As you may have read in our newsletter some time ago, in April we won a lawsuit against the City College of San Francisco, which had restricted our free speech.  On the first day of classes on August 18, I led a sortie (tract-passing expedition) there.  It was a great time. Three of us distributed 1400 broadsides in less than two hours!  We also obtained the contact information for three Jewish seekers and one Jewish believer in Jesus, as well as six Gentile seekers who wanted to know more about Jesus!  Though the lawsuit was challenging, it was well worth the effort.  Please pray for our ministry to make an impact on all of the campuses in the area.”


Branch leader Maxim Ammosov reports, “Three recent events in Moscow presented good opportunities for evangelism:
1) September 1 was the beginning of educational year, so we distributed a special broadside for students near the universities in Moscow.
2) September 5-6 was the Day of Moscow feast, when people seek recreation in the very center of the city and in city parks.
3) Beginning September 7, synagogues in Moscow distribute gifts of food for Rosh Hashanah (Jewish New Year) and many Jewish people go to the synagogues to receive that gift; it’s an excellent opportunity to share the gospel with many Jews right on Moscow streets.
With so much happening we decided to have a special outreach from August 31-September 11, with three staff going out for sorties twice a day and 28 volunteers, most of whom joined us for just one or two sorties throughout the time.  Nine of those volunteers joined us for the first time; it’s so exciting to see new people involved in God’s work.
With their help we distributed 51,080 broadside tracts, and received 127 contacts among which are 73 Jewish seekers.  Also 29 people (including 15 Jews) prayed with us to repent and receive Jesus. Praise the Lord!

Monday, September 7 was a highlight as we received eighteen Jewish contacts and one of them received Jesus in his heart.  We had many more conversations with Moscow Jews who were on their way to synagogue to get their Rosh Hashanah gift. We were able to tell them of an even greater gift in Jesus.

New Broadsides

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