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Here is where you can share our joys and sorrows, know how to be praying for our outreach in Israel and read more of what’s been going on regarding the controversy David Brickner mentioned in his article.

The Lord gives and the Lord takes away; blessed be the name of the Lord.

Even as Amer Olson (leader of our Chicago branch) and his wife Paige are anticipating the birth of their fourth child, Steve Wertheim (who assists David Brickner) and his wife Janie (who has contributed prominently to our children’s and youth ministry) are mourning the loss of Janie’s father, Paul Arotsky, who passed away last week.

Janie sang to, prayed over and reiterated the gospel to her father during his last days, but in his weakened state, he made no response that she could see, other than to show that he was listening.

Please pray for a safe and healthy delivery for the Olson baby, and for the adjustments the family will be making. Please also pray for the Wertheims to know God’s continued peace and comfort amidst their sorrow, and also for Janie’s brother Stuart, who does not know the Lord.

Behold Your God Israel

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More on the Sarah Palin/Jews for Jesus controversy:

Susan Perlman reports, "MSNBC contacted us on Sunday to see if David Brickner was available to respond to the news stories on the Jews for Jesus/Sarah Palin "connection." While we need to be cautious as to how the media might use such an opportunity to portray the Lord, our ministry, and even Governor Palin, we also believe that God can provide such opportunities to actually clear up some of the misinformation. So David agreed to do the interview.

The reporter had a television crew come to the Brickner’s home (after church) and used a speakerphone to conduct the interview. It lasted for half an hour, during which time the reporter repeatedly asked questions that seemed designed to lead David to condemn Israel or say something about terrorism as a result of God’s judgment.

David made no such statement, and it could be that the network will not air the piece for that reason. However, we have no way of knowing how the interview was edited. Would you pray with us that God would be honored in this interview? Pray that if the tape was edited with the purpose of perpetuating misinformation, that it will not make it on the air. But please also pray that if David’s gospel statements were left intact, the public will have the opportunity to hear it. We were told that if the segment airs, it will be in the next few days.

Jews for Jesus in Minnesota

Alan Bond reports,

You may think the 3 ‘R’s’ stand for reading, writing and ‘rithmatic, but two staff and a volunteer from the Chicago branch of Jews for Jesus found the first two days of September to be filled with Rainclouds, Riots and Republicans. We drove the 400 miles to St. Paul hoping the Lord might use us at the scene of the Republican National Convention.

The opening day activities were upstaged by tropical storm Gustav, but we found a smorgasbord of viewpoints flowing freely from a park right across from the downtown library. This was as close as any non-deputized citizens were allowed to approach the convention center.

The first half of our sortie (tract passing expedition) was rather uneventful, while the second half was perhaps too eventful! Helmet and armor clad police troops stood in battle array, forming a line over park lawn, street, through the middle of an intersection, …facing some yet unseen enemy perhaps a block or two to the north.

We went back to the park where MSNBC had their sound stage and spent twenty minutes or so handing our broadsides to reconvening delegates on their way back from lunch. When the pedestrian flow once again died down, we decided to move to the Minnesota State Fairgrounds for what proved to be the final day of that long event, and greeted many families with the gospel.

The following day, we joined over 40,000 new and returning students at the University of Minnesota, as we were dancing with thunderstorms. We caught the two main morning class changes and the three of us handed out between 3000 and 4000 broadsides.

Micha Cohen adds:

We met a huge variety of people at the Republican National Convention on Labor Day. The first person I spoke to was a Somali Muslim. Thankfully our volunteer, Shamira, speaks Arabic. The two of them spoke for a long time, and he was willing to receive information about an evangelistic web site that has some information geared for Muslims.

One website had sent people to the convention to hand out fliers telling people about how Israel is the only country in the Middle East that has freedom of the press. Seeing our "Jews for Jesus" T-shirts, they asked me what I believed about Jesus, did I support Israel, what did I think about Iran, and so forth. I tried to keep bringing the conversation back to Jesus. Another man with the press came and interviewed Alan, asking what his message was. He replied, "We want to see Jesus elected KING in the hearts of men."


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