A group of evangelical scholars met last week in Berlin, Germany, to affirm the uniqueness of Christ for salvation for all people, including Jews. The location of the consultation was particularly significant, as some Christians believe that in the shadow of the Holocaust, Christians ought not cause further anguish to the Jewish people by telling them that they need Jesus.

Participants in the Berlin Consultation.

Thirteen scholars were commissioned by the World Evangelical Alliance Theological Consultation to write fourteen papers. Dr. David Parker, executive director of the Theological Consultation, chaired the meetings. Dr. Rolf Hille, head of the Evangelical Alliance in Germany, wrote the keynote paper. Other participants included Eckhard Schnabel from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, Darrell Bock from Dallas Seminary and French theologian, Henri Blocher, who formerly taught at Wheaton. Michael L. Brown, who is known for his series of books on answering Jewish objections to the gospel was unable to attend, but submitted a very relevant paper on the implications of the Holocaust for Jewish evangelism.

Click here for the official statement that came out of the Consultation, and click here for the news release concerning this event.

The Consultation sparked some good media response, including articles in The Jerusalem Post, the Christian Post and INSPIRE magazine in the UK.