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Here’s where we let you know what you can be praying for right now, share our joys and sorrows and generally keep you current with our ministry . . . and we’re excited to share five clips from Never Forget,” the brand new Liberated Wailing Wall CD, that you can order NOW!

“Never Forget”: New Liberated Wailing Wall CD is ready to order!

Of course, you want to know what “Never Forget” sounds like before you buy it, right? No problem, it sounds just like what you’d expect from the Liberated Wailing Wall–and totally different! Many songs present the traditional lively klezmer sound with the Messianic melodies that most want and rightly expect from this longstanding Jewish gospel music team. Yet many of the songs have a fresh, almost edgy, more individual soul-searching, wouldn’t-be-surprised-to-find-this-on-someone’s-ipod sound that reflects the experience and taste of a new and talented generation.

The album has tremendous heart as well as variety. The continuity of the album is owed to the Scriptures (all the songs are based on the Bible) and, we believe, to an excellent group of people who wrote, performed and produced the music.

But hey, listen for yourself. We’ve got five clips that range from the more traditional (“Shiru l’Adonai,” “Honor and Praise” and “Abundant Life Yeshua Brings”) to the more contemporary (“Promise” and “As I Wait”). Each clip is 60 seconds, enough to whet your appetite.

Bottom line: you get 14 songs adding up to 57.5 minutes for $17 plus $1.50 postage and handling.

To download samples, click here.
To order online, click here or call 877-463-7742.


Simchas (joys) and Sadness

Kathleen Garrett, who works in our department of development and is married to Dave (“Moose”) Garrett of Camp Gilgal fame, is mourning the loss of her father, Elmer Ellgren, who died on August 16 of lung cancer. Please pray for Kathleen, and for her mother, Shirley, and her siblings, Pam, Jim and Terry who are not believers.

Kathleen had flown to visit her dad, and during their conversation he said, “God forgive me for everything I’ve ever done.” Kathleen said, “Dad, you asked God to forgive you . . . Is this something you want?” Her father responded, “This is something I’ve wanted for a long time.” Kathleen offered to pray for her father, who replied, “I would like that very much.” Kathleen then prayed, “Dear Jesus, please forgive my dad for all his sins, have mercy on him and take him to be with you forever.” She then asked him, “Dad, can you say ‘amen’ to that?” He responded by saying, “Amen.” This was their last conversation before he lost consciousness, and the first indication Kathleen had that he trusted Jesus.

Melanie Rose, the office manager of our Chicago branch, is mourning the loss of her mother, who died of a heart attack on August 16. As far as Melanie knows, she did not know the Messiah. Please pray God’s comfort for Melanie, and salvation for other family members.

Branch News


Mikhail Vayshengolts, branch director of Kharkov reported:
“An amazing thing took place on Friday, August 31. ‘Interfax,’ one of the largest news agencies in Russia, published an excerpt of an evangelistic letter I wrote on their web site. It was an open letter to a well-known Jewish physicist, 90-year-old Nobel Prize laureate Vitaly Ginzburg. Here is how it happened: on July 2007 ten Russian academicians, including Dr. Ginzburg, protested against the institution of the “Basics of the Orthodox Christian Culture” subject into the Russian schools. Right away various public figures spoke against these ten, but they chose Dr. Ginzburg, the only Jewish one in the group, as a particular object of their attacks. In one of his interviews, Vitaly Ginzburg said, ‘I’m sorry that I don’t believe in God. I’m seriously ill now; I can’t walk … I would really like to believe that God exists so that He would help me … Unfortunately, I don’t believe in God; I’m an atheist.’

“I wrote ‘An Open Letter to Academician Vitaly Ginzburg from a Jew for Jesus’ and posted it on our Russian web site. In the letter, I said that I respected him deeply, that I was praying for him, and I shared the Good News with him. That very day, a well-known Russian Christian website saw and published the entire letter. That was a nice surprise, but then, the same day, the famous secular news agency ‘Interfax’ published an excerpt from the evangelistic part of that letter (including our website) on their website.

From there, approximately 50 websites, most of them secular, posted the excerpt from the Interfax agency on their own websites. Praise the Lord! Please pray that He will use this to draw people to Jesus.”

(Since receiving the following, our Kharkov and Moscow branches
have been experiencing technical difficulties with the Internet. We don’t know if hackers are involved or if it is just routine trouble with technology. Please pray that all our branches will be back “online” and able to send and receive needed information.)


Please pray as the branch is planning to have a “mini-campaign” for the High Holidays this month. First there will be a concentration on sorties (tract passing expeditions) and then there will be a special push to make as many visits with Jewish seekers as possible. Please pray for our outreach workers to connect with many Jewish seekers, and that people will be saved.


As mentioned in our Jewish Facts of Life section, many of our branches will be having services for Yom Kippur. This will be the first of many holiday services for our new Brooklyn Branch. In addition to Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur, branch leader Karol Joseph has planned a week of “open house” informal celebrations each evening during the week-long Feast of Tabernacles, September 26-October 2. Jewish and Gentile Christians as well as Jewish seekers are invited to come, celebrate the holiday, share refreshments, and be introduced to the new branch. This will also include an informal celebration of Simchat Torah, which is not one of the biblical feasts, though it does celebrate the giving of God’s Word.

Local Opportunities

If you live in or near Brooklyn, New York and have a Jewish friend who is interested in celebrating Sukkot and is willing to do so with Jews who believe in Jesus, this would be a terrific opportunity to make a connection. Please contact Karol by phone (347) 578-3500 or email: via this link.

If you live in or near Fort Lauderdale, Florida you might know that the Los Olas Art Festival is coming to downtown Fort Lauderdale on October 6 and 7. This is one of the most highly attended events in South Florida, and every year we greet many Jewish people with the gospel. Please call Greg Savitt 954 616 5050 X 24 or visit here if you would like to be trained in Jewish evangelism, and share the love of Christ at this event.


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