Jackie Mason lawsuit

In other news, Jackie Mason has slapped Jews for Jesus with a lawsuit over a broadside we handed out over the summer. It was one of many pamphlets that we have used to parody pop culture and public figures in a good-natured way.

Parody is legal and ethical and parodists are not required to get permission of the person being parodied. If the law required the consent of the person being mentioned, then humorists should sew their lips shut, because they would be sued almost any time they opened their mouth.

Jackie Mason made himself to be an icon. His present act, making much of the distinctions between Jews and Gentiles, invites commentary and particularly, explanations. To him, Christianity is a Gentile thing that doesn’t include Jews. We say that there is no difference between Jews and Gentiles when it comes to the need for Jesus. The pamphlet asks what it would take for Jackie or anyone else to be a Jew for Jesus, and then answers the question from Scripture. No one who read the pamphlet would have concluded that Jackie Mason is a Jew for Jesus . . . which seems to be his complaint.

We are confident this case will be decided in our favor. We never received a request or demand to stop distributing the tract in advance of the suit being filed. A demand letter is the normal procedure and shows goodwill in advance of a lawsuit. Jackie Mason made no demand or request before suing us. If he had, we would have tried to work something out that accommodated his objection to the tract. But now we are in the position of having to defend ourselves, and we think it is important to defend our legal right to use parodies of public culture and popular figures to get our message out. In the meantime it has become a big media story. Please do pray that the Lord will use this to bring glory to Himself, and maybe even to bring Jackie closer to the Kingdom.

You can view the tract at: www.jesusforjews.org/broadsides/more Also, there is a lot that is worth checking out about this Jackie Mason lawsuit on our own website, www.jewsforjesus.org


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