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The war on Jewish evangelism is still being waged

More and more Christians who call themselves evangelicals are finding themselves opposed to the belief that all people, including Jewish people, must have faith in Christ to be saved. Thank God for clear thinkers like J. Lee Grady, editor of Charisma,” who wrote an article titled, “Jews, Christians and the Stumbling Block” in which he boldly stated:

“Although we are certainly called to love and protect Israel, we cannot back away from sharing Jesus with Jewish people . . .” and “God is not schizophrenic. Yet He calls us not only to love the state of Israel but also to proclaim the message of Christ to the Jewish people. One responsibility does not cancel the other.” (Full article)

Jackie Mason is suing Jews for Jesus

In other news, Jackie Mason has slapped Jews for Jesus with a lawsuit over a broadside we handed out over the summer. It was one of many pamphlets that we have used to parody pop culture and public figures in a good-natured way. (Full article)

Specialization in Jewish Ministry

Jews for Jesus is pleased to announce a Master of Arts degree Specialization in Jewish Ministry offered at Western Seminary’s San Jose campus. Graduate study diploma or certificate tracks are also available. Inquiries regarding enrollment and/or application can be made online at [email protected] or by calling Steve Thomas, Director of Enrollment at Western Seminary at (877) 517-1800.

Two fall courses in the Specialized Jewish Ministry track will be offered at the Jews for Jesus office in San Francisco.

Jews for Jesus’ missionary Tuvya Zaretsky is the instructor for both courses:

Jewish Mission History: November 30-December 2, 2006
Ministry to Jewish-Gentile Couples: December 3-5, 2006

Pre-course work begins on the 9th of November. All remaining assignments will be completed after the classes and by February 12, 2007.


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