RealTime September 2006

Jews, Christians and the Stumbling Block
September 1, 2006
Author: Lee Grady

Reprinted with permission from Charisma Online Although we are certainly called to love and protect Israel, we cannot back away from sharing Jesus with Jewish people. As Hezbollah rockets are falling on northern Israel and Iran’s president is vowing to wipe the Jewish state off the map, Israeli leaders have been surprised to learn that…

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Jackie Mason lawsuit

In other news, Jackie Mason has slapped Jews for Jesus with a lawsuit over a broadside we handed out over the summer. It was one of many pamphlets that we have used to parody pop culture and public figures in a good-natured way. Parody is legal and ethical and parodists are not required to get…

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Jews for Jesus Family News

Many of you know Susan Perlman, one of the founding staff of Jews for Jesus, who serves as the first assistant to our executive director. Please pray for Susan, as she had a cancerous tumor removed a few weeks ago. Praise God, all tests indicate that the cancer did not spread. Yet because of the…

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Real Deals
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This month’s staff pick is for those of you who write such nice e-mails and cards letting us know that you particularly appreciate reading David Brickner’s articles. Did you know that many of his most thought- provoking articles have been published in a collection titled, Mishpochah Matters: Speaking Frankly to God’s Family”? Twelve articles, 159…

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Postcards from Israel

Collective National Depression Israel has just come through a war with Hezbollah in Lebanon and no one there seems to think it went well. There is no confidence that any lasting peace will result from this war. Israelis prefer peace, but most felt that this fight was a necessary defence against terrorist attack. When the…

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Jewish Facts of Life

Jews for Jesus is not the only group that finds the High Holidays a good time to reach out to seekers. Many other Jewish groups, some traditional and some very non-traditional, are inviting seekers to come celebrate the holidays with them. For example, you may have heard the word Kabbala in conjunction with celebrities who…

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Did you Know?

The war on Jewish evangelism is still being waged More and more Christians who call themselves evangelicals are finding themselves opposed to the belief that all people, including Jewish people, must have faith in Christ to be saved. Thank God for clear thinkers like J. Lee Grady, editor of Charisma,” who wrote an article titled,…

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