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Behold Your God PHILADELPHIA has just gotten underway! Campaign leader Bruce Rapp reports, We were still on the street having just finished a midday sortie (tract-passing expedition) and Geoff Robinson was commenting on how many people had approached him to ask questions. No sooner had he finished this comment than a couple approached him. Lital is a Jewish woman who now lives in Israel. She wanted to know more about how it can be that Jews believe in Jesus. Geoff took her name and information and told her we would be in contact. Please pray for Lital. Please also pray for Pastor Wayne Carsen, long time friend of Jews for Jesus who joined us from Saint Louis. The first day of training he was hospitalized for severe stomach pains. He had a minor hernia and his gall bladder had to be removed. The surgery was completed successfully and Wayne is recuperating in the hospital. He is anxious to be released and join us out on the streets!”

Training for our PITTSBURGH campaign begins today! Please pray for this three- week outreach. To read what’s been going on in Pittsburgh before the campaign even started, go to:

Yesterday’s Pittsburgh Jewish Chronicle was already giving notice of the campaign.

The MONTREAL Behold Your God campaign is also just beginning, so keep them in prayer as well! The Canadian Jewish News is also alerting the community, and while we disagree with much of what they are saying, we believe that these articles will get some people curious to see what all the fuss is about.

The “3 B’s” are over! BERLIN, BALTIMORE and BUDAPEST Behold Your God campaigns all concluded this month. Here are the results:

BERLIN: Germans and Jews proclaimed the gospel together for three weeks! Our campaigners handed out 309,727 broadside tracts and prayed with 15 Jews and 52 Gentiles to receive Christ. 151 as yet unbelieving Jews and 364 Gentiles have given their contact information to hear more about Jesus.

Last month’s reports from Berlin

Last month’s photos from Berlin

BALTIMORE: Over the course of three weeks, campaigners handed out 71,970 broadside tracts and prayed with 17 Jews and 6 Gentiles to receive Christ. 66 as yet unbelieving Jews and 49 Gentiles have given their contact information to hear more about Jesus.

Last month we showed you the first of the articles that came out concerning Baltimore BYG. Yes, there have been more!

For example, the Baltimore Sun ran two stories on the campaign. This paper has never allowed Jews for Jesus to place an evangelistic ad. But on the inside cover page of Saturday’s edition they printed a photo of a banner giving our name AND phone number! God sure knows how to reach anyone!

A second Baltimore Jewish Times article also came out, much more negative than the first. That’s understandable, as they probably caught quite a bit of flack for the first article that dealt with us so fairly.

The Philadelphia Jewish Exponent did an article on us (in preparation for the Philly BYG campaign coming up). There are many inaccuracies (i.e. lies), but they printed our phone number IN CAPS as well as using the photo of our banners, with our name and number.

The article with photo

More about the Baltimore campaign

Photos from the Baltimore campaign

In BUDAPEST over the course of three weeks, campaigners handed out 549,000 broadside tracts and prayed with 44 Jews and 90 Gentiles to receive Christ. 227 as yet unbelieving Jews and 305 Gentiles have given their contact information to hear more about Jesus.

Reports from the Budapest campaign

Photos from the Budapest campaign.


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