Behold Your God, Budapest!

Igor Barbanel reports, On the first day of the campaign, I came out of my apartment and heard a voice saying in English, ‘Nice T-shirt!’ I turned around and saw a young girl who lived one floor below. She turned out to be a believer. Her name is Leticia and her mother, Marta, is also a Jewish believer. We had been praying to find some local Jewish believers to help with the campaign and follow-up, and God sent us two who live in the very building where we were renting apartments for our campaign! Please pray that they would continue to help the cause of Jewish evangelism here in Budapest.”

Richard Muller reports, “Igor and I were walking along Rakocsi Utca (street) near the Urania Szinhaz (theater) where there was a Jewish Festival. I offered a broadside to Adrienne, a Jewish woman whose shirt said ‘Jerusalem’ in Russian, Hebrew and English. She smiled and began to speak to me in Hungarian, but then we were able to switch to English. She did not understand my T-shirt (which had ‘Jews for Jesus’ in Hungarian) so I told her the Good News: that our Jewish Messiah has come and brought salvation to all as was promised—and that that Messiah was Yeshua (Jesus). She gave me her contact information so that we can send her more about Yeshua.

“Elizabeth and I were heading back from a sortie (tract-passing expedition) and came to a transfer subway station. I ended up going the wrong way and realized it as we were going up the escalator. At the top of the escalator were several Jewish young people. When they saw us they gathered around and one of them, Peter, began asking questions. We talked about why we believe Jesus is the Messiah. They were all very interested—so maybe I didn’t go the wrong way after all.”

Maxim Petrenko reports, “We were giving out broadsides at the Kobanya Kispest metro station. A man not far from me was looking in my direction so I went to give him a broadside. He began to read it. I waited until he was finished, and afterwards came back to him. Since he spoke no Russian and I spoke no Hungarian, I gave him a written version of our proposal statement in Hungarian. This is a concise explanation of the gospel with an invitation to pray to receive Christ at the end. The man began to read it very carefully, silently, but when he came to the prayer, he began to read it out loud. The gospel clearly touched his heart. He firmly said “Amen” after the prayer, and gave me his contact information gladly so that local people may follow up.”

Irina Balu reports, “A man approached me and began to talk angrily, somehow blaming us for the bombing of Hiroshima. I told him, ‘I don’t know what happened in Hiroshima, but I know why I came here’ and then I told him about Jesus. He said he attends a church but never had a personal relationship with Jesus. I told Janos he needed to receive Jesus into his heart as his personal Lord and Savior. When he said he did not know how, I invited Janos to pray with me, and he agreed. After the sinner’s prayer I saw tears in his eyes. It was a miracle that in a few minutes God touched his heart and changed him. Janos wants to meet further with believers and talk about God. He gave me his address requesting more information and a Bible. Praise the Lord!”

Aladar Dani reports, “One morning I stood in the midst of the crowd that was rushing to work. Many people looked as though they had not had enough sleep. I met them all with a smile, a blessing, and a ‘good morning!’ A tall mustached guy approached me, saying, ‘What do you want from me?’ I told him, ‘God loves you. He loves everyone, both Jew and Hungarian.’ The man replied, ‘I have no interest in anyone; let everyone live as they please.’ I felt a great pain in my heart and I told him, ‘If everyone said that, what would become of this world? Who will help the needy? What if you need help and there will be nobody to help you?’ His face softened and he took a broadside from me.”

David Serner-Pedersen reports, “I was at Deli Palyavudvar where there were so many people that we couldn’t hand out our broadsides fast enough. In the midst of this, a Jewish man, Imre, approached me and said he wanted broadsides to give to his whole family. I took his address, as he wanted more information and a visit. He was in a hurry—but this was a moment when time stood still! At another metro station a Jewish man named David came up to me and said he did not understand Jews for Jesus, but was very interested. We talked for a short time, but he was in a rush, so he gave me his address to talk more and get more info.”

Campaign leader Igor having a good natured conversation inside the metro

Outside the metro, handing out our “proposal statements” (a simple explanation of the gospel and sinner’s prayer for those who are willing to trust Jesus) in Hungarian.

A woman stops to read the proposal statement.

Pray for those who stopped to talk with our campaigners, that the gospel seeds that were planted will grow.

A man gives his contact information to hear more about Jesus as an onlooker ponders the interaction.

A team pauses for a photo before going out to witness.


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