Behold Your God, Baltimore!

Stephen Katz reports, One of our campaigners, Mike Adams, gets around in a motorized wheel chair. He has a disease that causes him excruciating pain, but he came to serve the Lord through doing Jewish evangelism with us. By the way, the guy never complains—he inspired us all!

“A Jewish believer named Jason Meyerson came to speak in our chapel. He let us know of five witnessing opportunities that he and a couple of friends have had with Jewish people as a result of our campaign. He said, ‘Just think. I’m one guy and I know of these five opportunities that came as a result of what you’re doing. Think about how many more are going on that you don’t know.’ That encouraged us and we hope it will encourage you, too.

“Before we came to Baltimore we really weren’t sure how to make the Messiahship of Jesus an unavoidable issue to the Jewish community here. The largely Orthodox community doesn’t ride Metro and we don’t see many walking to stores or frequenting the Inner Harbor. What to do? Pray…of course! Through your prayers, you all made such a difference for us out here in the trenches. One of our campaign leaders, Larry, was up much of the night praying for an Orthodox man he’d met going door-to-door. He returned the following day and discovered the man is a rabbi. No matter. The rabbi remembered Larry and accepted a copy of ‘Survivor Stories.’

“Shirley Messinger (a bold campaigner with a message!) received the name, address and phone number of an Orthodox university student at the State Fair.

“I (Stephen) got information to be in contact with a Jewish woman who had heard Lon Solomon’s story tape. Her Christian friends are witnessing to her and she’s trying to figure it all out.

“Oh, those banners! While we were out with them in a Jewish neighborhood, the “Baltimore Jewish Times” photographer was doing another story, saw us and ran over to take pics. Sweet!

“A Jewish believer called us, having seen our campaigners in Berlin! She wants to get involved here.

“After discussion and prayer we decided it was time to directly confront our counter-leafleting and at-times-harassing opponents. We took our three big banners and stood for 2 or3 hours directly opposite their office. They are located in the Baltimore Hebrew University building, right next to the Jewish Community Center. Within minutes, a woman describing herself as a former believer in Jesus came over. She was followed by school officials, a rabbi and other opponents. The police responded to two complaints about us, and concluded that the complaints had no basis. Just as Larry said it was time to go, a couple of young Orthodox guys drove up in a U-Haul truck and stopped in front of us, blocking us and our message. But in the blink of an eye the police pulled up behind them and they sped off. Throughout the entire event, opponents tried to shut us down but God used the police to defend us and allow us to promote the gospel proclamation. He demonstrated His power for all to see.

“A Jewish vendor at the Orioles baseball game called out to one of our campaigners, ‘Hey, is that stuff really true?’ He said he’d been receiving a lot of material from counter-missionaries (those we confronted), while also reading the New Testament. Our campaigner explained the gospel to him and now he wants to hear more!

“Door-to-door work can be interesting. In addition to having golf balls thrown at us, we’ve had doors slammed in our faces and onto our backs. Elizabeth, our Russian-speaking missionary/campaigner prayed with many people to receive the Lord, but unfortunately when she called to follow up she found that several are backing away under the pressure of family members (and perhaps others). Nevertheless, she continues touching people’s hearts. One of the Russian-speaking Jewish women who prayed to receive the Lord told Elizabeth, ‘Don’t go to that apartment (pointing across the courtyard). Sasha lives there and he is very mean.’ Elizabeth prayed that she would meet Sasha, and the following day she went to his apartment. Sasha’s wife opened the door and a friendly conversation began. Soon Sasha came in and said, ‘I go to synagogue every day!’ Without hesitating, Elizabeth countered, ‘Tell the truth. You don’t really believe in God.’ With that, a spirited conversation and Bible study ensued, which ended with both Sasha and his wife praying to receive the Messiah Jesus. Afterwards, Sasha said, ‘But I’m still Jewish, right?’ Elizabeth assured him he is.

“One campaigner who was going door-to-door was told, ‘Leave us alone! We heard about you in synagogue.’ It’s good to know people are talking about Jesus just about everywhere as a result of BYG.

“One of our teams going door-to door said it was discouraging being in a neighborhood where the houses are ‘acres’ apart, and there was very little response. However, just as a young woman was about to turn them away from yet another home, a twenty-something young man came running out of the house saying, ‘I’m Jewish. I want your video. I’m really curious about all this.’ Pray that he hears God’s voice as he watches the ‘Survivor’s Stories’ video.”


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