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*BYG stands for Behold Your God, Jews for Jesus’ vision to reach every city (outside of Israel) where there are 25,000 or more Jewish people.


The two-week Seattle campaign ran through Labor Day. Campaigners handed out 135,130 gospel tracts. Eight Jewish people and 41 Gentiles prayed to receive Jesus. Eighty-seven Jewish people and 124 Gentiles who don’t yet believe agreed to receive further information.


The two-week Cleveland campaign also ran through Labor Day. Campaigners handed out 80,860 gospel tracts. Eleven Jewish people and 46 Gentiles prayed to receive Jesus. Fifty-two Jewish people and 31 Gentiles who don’t yet believe agreed to receive further information.


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The three-week campaign ended September 12. Campaigners handed out 183,390 gospel tracts. 10 Jewish people and 11 Gentiles prayed to receive Jesus. 55 Jewish people and 37 Gentiles who don’t yet believe agreed to receive further information.

Andrew Barron says: “This has been one of the most exciting campaigns I have ever done. The combination of broadsiding (tract-passing), calling, door-to-door witness, visibility outings (see photo at mall) and the overwhelming media attention has made this a unique time to proclaim Jesus in Toronto. This week Stan Telchin and I had the chance to be on two TV programmes. We did ‘100 Huntley Street,’ a national Christian broadcast with an audience of 1.2 million. We also did ‘Michael Coren Live,’ a local show with an audience of 150,000. Stan and I debated a rabbi and the director of the Canadian Jewish Congress. Last week, our ‘Survivor Stories’ billboard was pulled after 24 hours and this is drawing media attention as well.

I was called this week by the Reuters news agency about the billboard. We have been in the news since early July and there are still media calls coming in. This Fall we will be on the Canadian Broadcasting News Sunday Magazine.”

Here are a couple of campaign highlights:

Martin has just started college at Toronto University. He was on his skateboard when Francoise asked him “Who do you say Jesus is?” He received her witness and wanted to pray and receive Jesus. He took a Bible to study and skated away.

Former Liberated Wailing Wall leader R. Cohen returned to Canada to join the campaign. Was she ever surprised to see herself on the front page of the Canadian Jewish News. The photo showed her being harrassed by anti-missionaries with her hands lifted high, praising the Lord in the face of adversity.


The four-week campaign ended September 12. Campaigners handed out 415,550 gospel tracts. 5 Jewish people and 64 Gentiles prayed to receive Jesus. 141 Jewish people and 372 Gentiles who don’t yet believe agreed to receive further information. Here are some highlights:

The city has been buzzing over the presence of Jews for Jesus. Many people were open to the gospel and some feel threatened by that. Campaign (and branch) leader Sergio Dannon has been warned that he and his family could be in danger. Please pray for protection for the Dannons, and that they will not be afraid or discouraged, but will realize that the threats are proof that they are successfully making the messiahship of Jesus known. Several Jewish people have called our office as a result of seeing our campaigners and have expressed spiritual openness and an interest in meeting with Sergio. Here are a few of the encouraging things that happened during the campaign:

Margarita was taking the bus to a sortie (tract passing expedition) when she heard a cell phone ring to the tune of Hava Nagila, a very Jewish song. Whereas the gentleman was not interested in talking to our campaigners, they still managed to witness to him by loudly discussing with one another who Jesus is.

On the metro, as Margarita’s team returned from a sortie, she noticed a well-dressed businessman looking at her Jews for Jesus shirt. He worked his way up from seat to seat until he finally sat down next to her and asked how can one be a Jew and believe in Jesus. Margarita asked him, “Are you a believer?” He responded, “What is a believer? I’m a Jew.” Luis was very interested and wanted more information. He promised to read Isaiah 53.

It was a rainy day and the bus was crowded, but Margarita and Bimini were able to shine the light of Jesus for Edmundo, an 80-year old man who prayed with them to receive the Lord!

And speaking of rainy days, the weather kept campaigners off the streets for most of the first week. As an alternative, they went to a mall in Copacabana, where many shop owners are Jewish. It was there that Regina—the first Jewish person to receive Jesus in her heart on the Rio BYG campaign—came to faith.

Steve was walking down the steps of a subway station when a Jewish woman named Sarah tapped him on the shoulder because she wanted more information about Jesus.


Despite all the good news on the BYG front we also need to tell you when things are not going so well. The Paris campaign, which was to take place next month has been postponed. We simply did not have enough full-time participants to accomplish the task well. We feel the outreach will be better for having waited until we could do it right. Please pray for the people we need to come together for this campaign.


We are still on schedule for outreach to Big D next month. Stay tuned as Dallas BYG will be taking place when your next Jews for Jesus Real Time arrives.

This content was adapted from an earlier Jews for Jesus article.


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