Praying at the Babi Yar memorial in Kiev

Our Kiev branch of Jews for Jesus just completed a three-day outreach in conjunction with the 75th anniversary of Babi Yar. We joined the city of Kiev in commemorating the events of September 29–30, 1941, when the Nazis executed 33,000 Jewish people at Babi Yar ravine. During their two-year occupation, the Nazis executed over 150,000 Jewish people — the entire Jewish population of Kiev and the surrounding region.

Our staff partnered with 12 volunteers from a Kiev Messianic Jewish congregation to hand out a tract titled “The Only Hope for Peace Was Born in the Middle East” at the metro station near the anniversary events. The team connected with several Jewish people, and one of whom prayed to accept Jesus as their personal Prince of Peace!

In addition to doing street evangelism, our Kiev missionaries also conducted a special service at the Babi Yar monument dedicated to the Jewish people executed by the Nazis. When passersby saw a group of people wearing Jews for Jesus T-shirts next to the monument, they joined the group and listened in. The entire event, including a sermon and a closing time of prayer, was a powerful story to those who observed us, and we had conversations with many of them afterwards.

Our prayer is that God would be at work in the city of Kiev, even in the wake of remembering the tragic events of Babi Yar, and that He might be drawing many people to Himself.

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