Isaac Brickner meets David in Union Square

The numbers are in from our 10-day fall outreach in New York City! Our team connected with over 70 Jewish people who want to stay in touch with our missionaries, and we talked to more than 700 people on the streets about Jesus. During this outreach we focused on creative methods executed in key locations around universities and popular hangout spots in the city. Our staff are praising God for the real people that these statistics represent and for the ways God is working in their lives.

Young people in Washington Square Park stop to engage with a question about identity

Early in the second week of the outreach Elizabeth Black and Isaac Brickner both spoke to a young Jewish man named David* in Union Square. Later that week, Elizabeth’s husband Eryn Black saw David as well. “That Friday I saw him standing outside our office looking at our window display,” Eryn said. “When I asked him what he thought of it, he said it was interesting and that he was already familiar with Messianic Jewish believers and Jews for Jesus. He introduced himself, said he had already spoken to some of our staff, and that he would be coming to our Shabbat dinner that evening.”

That evening Isaac and Eryn had a chance to speak at length with David. He told them about his upbringing: his Jewish father and Gentile mother raised him in the Eastern Orthodox Church until high school, when he decided to convert to Judaism and become a modern Orthodox Jew. Eryn said, We were able to share the entire gospel and have an in-depth conversation. David agreed to give me his phone number so we could continue meeting.”

Of the 389 Jewish people that our staff talked to during this New York City outreach, 60% were Millennials (young adults ages 18-30 who make up the largest demographic in America). Read more about ways Jews for Jesus is reaching Jewish students with the gospel message!
*Not his real name

Jews for Jesus founder Susan Perlman serves “Brews for Jesus” to NYU students