Massah Part 2

During the summer we gave you some highlights from this year’s Massah program. Part one of Massah (which means “the journey”) brings Jewish believers in Jesus (mainly from the U.S.) to Israel, then on to India where they have opportunities to meet and share their faith with Israeli trekkers. Part two brings Israeli believers to trekker destinations where they, too, can share their faith. This year the Israeli Massah team split in two; half went to India and the other half to Peru.

From India, Gefen Skvortsov reports, “We arrived in Delhi the Tuesday before Rosh Hashanah.  Thursday we started planning for our Shabbat dinner and for Rosh Hashanah. We met some people and invited them to join us on these nights. For Shabbat, we met in a restaurant that has an open mic. After dinner, three from our group (Roman, Tslil and Tolik) performed a few songs together, then Boris also sang a few songs, which seemed to attract more people from the street. We had good conversations with three Israelis who were sitting with us.

“For Rosh Hashanah, the Israeli woman who usually hosts our Rosh Hashanah dinner chose not to make a big deal out of the holiday this year. Also, since we had only a week to get to know and invite people, we enjoyed a nice, small dinner, along with five people we invited. We had open and honest conversations about faith, Yeshua, the Bible and the meaning of life.”

Some highlights:

Tolik: “I was sitting at our usual cafe, talking with two others from our group and drinking coffee, when two girls joined us. We told them that we are Messianic Jews, and they asked good questions. We exchanged phone numbers and two days later we met again. We got to talk more about Yeshua and our faith for nearly an hour.”

Gefen: “At our usual cafe, I met a nice Israeli guy named Amit. I got to mention that we were Messianic Jews, but the conversation didn’t really develop. Later in the evening we sat opposite from him in the garden as we did the blessing over the bread and wine for Shabbat. He joined us, and we soon began talking about our faith. He had many questions and seemed interested to understand our belief. After a while his cousin and his friend joined us as well. We all got to talk to them and it was a very nice evening.”

Tslil: “I was sitting with Martha and Gefen at one of our hangouts and we were talking with a couple. A girl I’d been hoping to talk with overheard our conversation and asked if we were Messianic Jews. I said yes and we went to a different table to talk. She asked about Yeshua, why we need Him and how our faith changes our lives. We had a good conversation and I feel it was very blessed.”

And from Peru, David Minsky reports, “We flew from Tel Aviv to Madrid and from there to Lima, meeting people all along the way. In Lima, we quickly adjusted to traveling in South America, as some of the dangers and tricks were explained to us by more experienced travellers.

“A taxi driver explained there was a one-week gastronomy festival with Peruvian food. Jet lagged or not, we had to go and jump head first into Peruvian culture! The next morning we flew to Cusco, a city up in the Andes Mountains, and quickly found spots in the hostels where Israelis stay. We started connecting pretty fast and plans for trekking with Israelis started flying.

“We connected with Steve Hobby, who runs ‘The Meeting Place,’ a small hostel and cafe. He allowed us to use one of his rooms for our daily meetings. This is also where we planned our Rosh Hashanah event. We organized a joyful evening for 31 people. Chaim delivered a short gospel message. The food was superb, as were conversations that flew around the table.”

Other team members reflected on people they met in Peru:

Danielle: “We met Tomer at the airport in Madrid; he sat with us for a few hours while asking questions about Yeshua and listening with interest. He also spent a day with us in Lima, and we had deep talks about his life and views on God. He said that maybe God was using various things that happened in his life to bring him to consider Jesus, and he asked to have a New Testament!”

Reut: “Na’ama and Shachar came to our Rosh Hashanah celebration. They had no previous knowledge of Yeshua, and were very interested in understanding what nine young Israelis were doing in Peru. I had a great time with them. and the opportunity to share our faith with them through Scripture.”

Hanoch and Miri: “Two trekkers came with us to Machu Picchu. As we spent more time with them they began to see how Yeshua affects and leads our life, every aspect of it. Something really clicked with them about the personal connection to God. During the Rosh Hashanah celebration someone asked them if they were part of our group, to which they answered: “We’re one foot there…”

Chaim: “I’ve had a few conversations with Shye, who, from the beginning, seemed very interested in our faith. He joined us on one of our meetings and played at our Rosh Hashanah celebration. He lives not far from me in Tel Aviv and it looks like we’ll connect when we get home.”

Please be in prayer that God will continue to speak to the hearts of the Israelis our Massah team met in India and Peru.


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