Outreach worker Tatyana reports, “It’s easy to be upset over what is taking place in our country. From our perspective, things look bad. We see our city full of people in military uniform and we know that, not far away, military operations are taking place. But the Lord sees from a very different perspective. Recently I witnessed how He can use situations that look bad to us. During our recent mini-campaign a street musician who saw us began to play ‘Hava Nagila.’ One woman who was enjoying the music began to tell me how, while in prison, she had started to reconsider belief in God. Passers-by, despite a cold wind, simply snatched tracts from our hands. In the evenings, our phone rang continuously as Jews and Gentiles who got our tracts were asking about the meaning of life as never before. Now is a good time to invite people to experience God’s shalom, the peace that He offers to everyone through Yeshua, Messiah of Israel!”

Please pray for our team in Ukraine to be able to touch troubled hearts with the truth of Jesus.