Israeli Massah 2014

These Israelis are part of a team that spoke to hundreds of other Israelis about Jesus… in India! Here’s the breakdown of the measurable part of their outreach:

  • 391 interactions (brief exchanges in which team members mention that they are Jewish believers in Jesus)
  • 451 conversations (this is the number of people who were willing to speak about spiritual issues after hearing the team member is a believer in Jesus)
  • 23 visits (prolonged conversations of 20 minutes or more in which the team member shares something from the Scriptures)

Books given to those who wanted to know more:

  • 6 Death of a Guru (the story of how a man descended from a long line of Brahmin priests and gurus came to faith in Jesus)
  • 2 Yeshua, the Jewish way to say Jesus (shows how Jesus fulfilled Messianic prophecy)
  • 5 New Testaments 

So much of Massah’s impact is immeasurable, not only for the Israeli seekers the team reaches out to in genuine friendship, but also for the participants themselves as they learn to walk more closely with Yeshua (Jesus) and with one another. 

We’re looking forward to showing you a video that will help you understand the heart of Massah (which means the Journey) from this year’s Israeli team. They’ll tell you how God showed up during their time together, and you’ll also get to see the awesome sights of India. Stay tuned!


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