Giants for Jesus?

Can a baseball team be for Jesus? Well, there are some believers in Jesus on most teams, and we doubt that the number on either side will determine who wins the World Series. But staff writer Matt Sieger has been having a great time writing gospel tracts for the Giants games, and our SF headquarters and branch are having fun handing them out. Now if we had a branch in Kansas City, I’m sure we’d have some good tracts to hand out for the Royals. But we don’t! And when the Giants won the World Series in 2012 we got to hand out 18,000 tracts at the victory parade… in just one hour. So can you blame us if we say “Go Giants!”?

Want to see what we’ve been handing out during the World Series (and before that, the playoffs)?

Yes! Yes! Yes!
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What are the odds?
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The Giants Super Subs
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You can’t kill ’em
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Please pray that sports fans who receive our gospel tracts will seriously consider what Jesus did to win salvation for those who receive Him


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