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Sarah Danor reports, “The ancient seaside city of Akko was alive with the excitement of the festival as the sun set. Vendors and street performers lined the streets, the ancient stone walls blending with modern stone buildings. As Oded and I walked through the streets wishing people “Chag Sameach” (happy holiday) in celebration of Sukkot, I saw a solitary, middle-aged man relaxing by a building.

As I handed him a flyer, he asked: ‘What is this about?’ And I shared the good news about Y’shua. He smiled wryly and told me, ‘I come from a very traditional Moroccan Jewish family. This would cause me a real problem!’ I told him, ‘God wants to have a close relationship with you. He loves you very much and wants to use you to bring healing to your family.’  Shaul offered me his business card so that we can be in touch. Please pray for him.”

Tel Aviv branch leader Vlad Mitnitsky gives the big picture: “The annual Akko Festival lasts almost a week and is conducted in the Northern part of Israel. It features performances of original fringe theater from all over the world by hundreds of artists with dozens of shows including special premieres, street theater and outdoor events. It presents a unique opportunity to reach out to crowds of unsaved people.

“That’s why our team of ten missionaries and two volunteers made the trip from Tel Aviv up to Akko. We had some team building experience during the day and dozens of evangelistic conversations in the evening as we took surveys and handed out some of our broadside tracts. Sixteen unbelievers (half of whom were Jewish) gave us their contact information for follow-up.

“One team member met a young man whose father is a pastor of a Messianic congregation in Akko. The young man was not walking with the Lord despite the fact that he was raised in a believing home. This particular team member had also been raised in a believing home and walked away from her faith for a time. She shared her story, and how God brought her back to Himself. The young man was listening to me carefully and asked questions, but then his girlfriend showed up … and he had to go. Please pray for the Holy Spirit to work in his heart.

“Another team member was stopped by a policeman as he was giving out broadsides. In fact, he was asked to come to the police station. When he got there, another policemen began asking questions about Yeshua (Jesus) and they had a very good conversation for about twenty-five minutes!”


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