Massah South America


The group arrived in Lima, where they spent a few days preparing for Cusco (also spelled Cuzco), which seems to draw most of the Israeli trekkers who come to Peru.

When they got to Cusco, Aaron (one of the Massahniks) reported, Our team arrived after a 22-hour bus ride from Lima. We are currently staying in a hostel which is packed with Israelis—all the signs in the hostel are written in Hebrew. We know God will open doors to speak to these Israelis about Yeshua. We are letting people know when we meet them that we are a group of Israeli believers in Yeshua. Surprisingly, they are usually open and still choose to spend time with us. I was invited by some Israeli guys to go bungee jumping with them. I don’t think I will take them up on this, but I hope to go river rafting with them next week. It’s great to spend quality time with them while also sharing Yeshua. We have many Hebrew New Testaments with us that we also hope people will want to read.

This Friday is Yom Kippur, the day of fasting and asking for forgiveness for all our sins. I pray that God will point [our fellow Israelis] to His Word and to Yeshua, the ultimate sacrifice for our sins. It is not a coincidence that we will be with them during this High Holiday season when they will be learning about God and seeking Him. Even a lot of the very secular Israelis fast on Yom Kippur, and almost everyone honors this solemn day.

Yom Kippur

Team leader Daniel wrote, “We attended the meal before the fast with about 200 Israelis and got to witness to around twelve Israelis and share with them. God has been giving us many opportunities. Please pray that He will work in the lives of those we’ve talked to and that He’ll continue to provide us with people who want to know about Yeshua.”


Daniel went with three others to La Paz, Bolivia where he said, “We got to witness to a ton of people. One of the Israelis we met, Shani, was feeling sick, so one of our teammates prayed for her. She immediately felt better and was interested in hearing about our beliefs. We talked to her about Jesus for about an hour. She was very open and took a New Testament.”

Strike in Cusco!

On September 21, team member Eli wrote, “The region of Cusco, Peru is on strike! Due to water infrastructure problems the whole area has closed down in protest. Three of our team members are stuck near Machu Picchu and are trying alternative ways to get back here. Many of the Israelis here have had to postpone their plans. Please pray for the five of us here in Cusco and the three that are in Machu Picchu as we continue to share living waters. Last night as I was on the Internet people kept asking me about our faith and ways. May God continue to provide these types of opportunities. Let the blind see, oh God.”

The strike didn’t last too long, and the group reunited in Cusco. Before long, they split up again. Four of the guys joined a group of eight other Israelis for a three-day trip on horseback around a mountain area. They spent quality time discussing who Jesus is and how He’s changed their lives, and were excited to share “the whole gospel” with their new friends.


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